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Commercial Carpet Removal ($9-$30/SQM)

Carpet Removal Sydney’s service includes the whole package – we’ll come to your property, remove your old carpet and smoothedge as well as scrape the floors if need be to have a clean floor ready for re-installation. Then our team will take it out to our truck and sweep up and vacuum any remaining mess and dust on site. We’ll ensure your old carpet is disposed of responsibly and we offer carpet recycling whenever possible.

Our price varies depending on how the Commercial Carpet was installed by the previous layers, see below for more details.

Commercial Carpet Removal ($9/SQM) – Smoothedged

Sometimes Commercial Carpet is only laid down with smoothedge, making the process not as difficult to remove as direct stick or dual-bonded carpets and underlay.

Carpet Removal Sydney specializes in any type of carpet removal. There are several different processes used to lay carpet and this has changed a lot over the years as we have found better methods of laying and removing flooring. The process used on your floor will often depend on how old your house, unit block or commercial building is.

Carpet removal and disposal is a cost that clients often overlook when calculating the total cost of installing new carpet. It is exactly this kind of expense (amongst others) that isn’t included in the typical carpet removal quotes you might find online or special carpet installation prices offered by carpet stores.

The price you’ll pay for professionals to remove your old carpet before they install your new carpet is significant. At Carpet Removal Sydney we will provide it all using the tools necessary for any job and you can expect to pay a very fair rate while always offering a price beat guarantee of up to 30%* on all of our competitor’s quotes.

With smoothedged jobs, the carpet is usually laid over an underlay which is normally glued to the floor, while the carpet is being held down by strips of nails (Known as Smoothedge to carpet layers).

Sometimes though, old methods may have been used. This is normally only seen in properties that haven’t had their carpet changed for a long period of time, the carpet is staple gunned directly into the timber subfloor using hundreds if not thousands of staples. This old-style method has been mostly phased out as it is extremely hard to remove and can damage the sub-floor.

Commercial Carpet Removal ($17-$30/SQM) – Direct Stick / Dual-Bonded

Commercial Carpet Removal is a lot harder than domestic carpet removal as the carpet is almost always directly stuck to the concrete slab with incredibly strong adhesives.

Sometimes an underlay layer is also stuck down underneath the carpet with an extremely strong adhesive, Which will result in the carpet and underlay being extremely difficult to remove without the proper equipment and technique.

The regular removal process for commercial carpet removal that has been directly stuck to the subfloor requires a large range of specially designed tools and sometimes heavy powered tools such as jackhammers and floor strippers to separate it from the subfloor.

We also often have to use these tools to remove the adhesive used to secure the carpet to the subfloor as it is nearly impossible to remove any commercial carpet without them.

Another crucial aspect of this type of job is the fact that time and organization makes a lot of difference. Our team will always deliver a clean and professional result while considering the customer needs when it comes to quality and punctuality.

We can guarantee that the commercial job will be completed hassle free, and further services can be provided such as furniture removal and carpet disposal.

Our team at Carpet Removal Sydney has also had over 35 years of experience in removing the carpet in a commercial environment.

Proudly, our team has also specialized in making this process as cheap, as quick and as professional as possible for you to minimize any downtime to your business.

No job is too big or too small!

We will beat all competitors quotes on all Commercial Carpet Removal jobs while maintaining a professional, fast and efficient service for all our commercial clients.

We can also always be in and out within 24 hours of the request with a clean floor ready for reinstallation

Over 35 years of experience combined with the most skilled and also the most professional carpet removal team that Carpet Removal Sydney has are two of the many reasons we are known and often referred to as the best carpet removal company in Sydney.

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We can also strip out:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial buildings
  • Shops
  • Clubs
  • Gaming rooms
  • Consult rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Garages as well as Storage rooms
  • Reception areas as well as foyers
  • Restaurants as well as pubs
  • Lifts as well as elevators
  • And as well as all other commercial areas


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