The Dangers Of Silica Dust From Concrete Grinding

Silica Dust Warning Concrete Grinding Sydney

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In our workplace, we hang a “Silica Dust Warning Sign” to let our clients know that it is not safe to enter this working area while we are Concrete Grinding without wearing the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that our employees are wearing. Even though we are using high powered dust extractors made to handle the silica dust that our Concrete Grinder is producing, small amounts may still escape from our concrete grinder and enter the air. This is why our employees wear P2 dust masks.

Please do not ever attempt to enter the workspace without a P2 dust mask while our employees are Concrete Grinding during your job. Your cooperating is greatly appreciated.

Some dust particles can be so small that they are not visible; these are referred to as respirable particles. Respirable silica dust particles are those that are small enough to breathe in and penetrate deep into the lungs causing permanent damage that can lead to serious illness or death. Silica dust is also linked to the development of auto-immune disorders and chronic renal (kidney) disease.

Crystalline silica dust can be harmful when it’s inhaled into your lungs over a long period of time at low to moderate levels, or short periods at high levels.

When crystalline silica dust is inhaled it can cause silicosis, a scarring of the lungs. Silicosis is a serious and incurable disease, with symptoms including shortness of breath, coughing, fatigue and weight loss. In severe cases, the damage caused to the lungs by silicosis can require a lung transplant or may lead to death. Silica dust is harmful when inhaled into your lungs. As it is 100 times smaller than a grain of sand, you can be breathing it in without knowing.

Breathing in silica dust can also cause other serious diseases, such as:

– Lung Cancer

– Kidney Disease

– Autoimmune Disease, such as Scleroderma

Construction and demolition employees can be at risk of developing these diseases.

At Carpet Removal Sydney, you will notice we do not mess around with our employee’s health when it comes to the removal of flooring systems and concrete grinding, We supply our staff with only the best of the best face masks, valued at over $450

SUNDSTROM SR200 – Full Face Respirator

Almost all of our other competitors are using low-quality $5 – $35 masks that barely protect their staff, here at Carpet Removal Sydney we value the health and safety of our staff.

Silica Dust Warning Concrete Grinding SydneyPaint On Concrete Removal Sydney Dust-Free

Tile Removal Sydney (Transparent 2)DustMaster DM-2680-H Dust Extractor (Dust-Free) Concrete Grinding Sydney

Dustmaster® series dust extractors have been specially designed to handle the demands of the concrete grinding industry which has high loading fine dust.

This is the H-Class (or often referred to as HEPA) Dust extractor that is certified to handle hazardous dust. These amazing dust collectors have been certified to capture up to 99.99% of the dust.

Dust extraction in our industry is often more important than the actual grinding itself. Without it, we could breathe the fine dust which could be detrimental to our health.

– Featuring dual 10A motors, maximum performance is ensured. The longopac bagging system makes handling and disposal of hazardous dust much easier.

– Performance is maintained by the rotary filter cleaning mechanism which automatically cleans the filter during operation.

– This machine has a single durable toggle switch for each motor.

– A deep clean is achieved while running whilst the motor is turned off. The rotary filter cleaning can be turned off when the DustMaster is not in use, using the rotary switch on the front panel.

H-Class (H13) dust extractors must pass the 0.3µm DOP test that certifies they capture no less than 99.99% of the dust.

– The rotary filter cleaning system is very effective and takes only 10-20 seconds to deep clean the filter. You may never have to remove the filter to clean it again, keeping your job and your hands cleaner!

– You won’t find a better piece of equipment to handle your job, this is the most high-end piece of equipment that we can use for your job. The next level up would require a 15A power supply which would require you to supply us a generator on-site as residential power only has 10A.


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