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Carpet Disposal

Carpet Disposal is our specialty, Our Carpet Disposal team in Sydney is trained, insured, licensed, and equipped with all the appropriate tools to get your Carpet Disposal job done safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Our team will always leave the site clean and recycle whenever possible, Don’t waste your money hiring skip bins as our competitors make you! Our team will remove the carpet for you as well as take it off-site for you and dispose of it for you safely at a local recycling management facility. Saving you hundreds!

– Residential Carpet Removal
– Commercial Carpet Removal
– Carpet Tile Removal
Carpet Removal From Stairs
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How Much Does It Cost To Dispose Of Carpet

Our prices start as low as $200 (Including GST) for pick up and disposal of carpet.

Do I Need To Hire A Skip Bin?

No, Other carpet disposal contractors and carpet removal companies regardless of job size will make you hire a skip bin which will cost a huge amount ($375 – $1,000+). Which will have to sit in your front yard for days while you deal with the annoyance of organising it and the large cost of the whole process.

Here at carpet disposal Sydney, we come in, remove your carpet than our team will sweep and vacuum your property to clean up any dust!

Then once we are finished, we will also take all the waste to a local resource management centre for you (Recycling whenever possible) which will be far cheaper than you having to hire a skip bin and dealing with the frustration of that whole process! (On average our clients save 60% on disposal of waste charges)

Can You Work Over Night? Are There Any Additional Charges?

Yes, our team can work Any Day, Anytime, 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, 365 Days Of The Year at any time that suits our clients.

If you have time restrictions, noise restrictions or any other restriction or deadlines we can make sure that we can fit into your schedule to make sure that your job is completed in the time frame needed while still maintaining the highest quality of work standards at any time that you desire with NO additional charges!

Do You Offer Free Quotes With A Price Beat Guarantee?

– We will beat all of our competitor’s quotes by up to 10%*
– We also offer FREE quotes & site inspections
We will NEVER be beaten on price at tile removal Sydney

So Why Choose Our Team At Carpet Disposal Sydney For Your Project?

Every year here at Carpet Removal Sydney our team removes tens of thousands of square metres of flooring systems. So as you can imagine they run into every issue you can imagine. As the flooring system they encounter are all installed different ways and we also offer such a large range of services.

So as you can imagine our team is quite experienced in the services we offer and know how to handle any issue that we may come across on any flooring removal project. Giving our customers the peace of mind knowing that they have a highly experienced team doing their job.

– Free Quote & Measure For Every Job!

– Over 150 Flawless Reviews & Testimonials!

– Combine Multiple Services To Save Money!

– Proudly 100% Australian Owned & Operated!

– 100% Licensed & Insured Flooring Specialists!

– 35+ Years Experience Specializing In Flooring!

– 24/7 – 365 Service Available At No Extra Charge!

– Up-Front Pricing, Lowest Prices & No Hidden Costs*

– Fully Qualified & In House Trained Specialists Team!

– Found A Cheaper Price? We, Will, Beat It Every Time*

– There Is A Highly Trained On-Site Supervisor On Every Job!

– We Use The Latest Dust Extraction Equipment Free Of Charge*

– All Floors Are Left Clean, Smooth And Ready For Reinstallation*


We’ll Beat All Quotes By Up To 10%*, No Call Out Fee Conditions apply*



We’ll Beat ALL Quotes By Up To 10%
Conditions apply. *Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Carpet Removal Sydney (Price Beat Guarantee 2)



We’ll Beat ALL Quotes By Up To 10%
Conditions apply. *Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Carpet Disposal Sydney

Carpet Disposal Sydney

Carpet Removal Sydney (Carpet Disposal Tiled)

Carpet Disposal

Our team at Carpet Removal Sydney also offers a Carpet Disposal Service, so if you have Removed the Carpet, underlay and other flooring materials your self and aren’t sure what to do next or don’t have a vehicle big enough to transport the Carpet.

Our Removal Of Carpet & Carpet Disposal team can come and pick it up for you for a small fee and Dispose of your Carpet it in an environmentally friendly way, our Carpet Disposal team will always try to recycle whenever possible.

Carpet Disposal can be incredibly frustrating and more expensive than you thought. Large companies such as Carpet Removal Sydney get discounts as we frequently Dispose of Carpet at the same facility.

Customers often think by Removing Carpet themselves and attempting to Dispose of it will save them money but they often don’t realize without the proper tools and the discounts that larger companies get that they end up spending the same amount of money but have to do all the work!

Carpet Removal

Removal Of Carpet may seem easy at first glance, but Carpet Removal can actually be incredibly frustrating and hard work without the proper equipment. Customers often think they might be able to save money by attempting to do the Carpet Removal & Carpet Disposal themselves but often get frustrated and give up halfway through the process.

Carpet Disposal Sydney has professional teams that offer the lowest costs in Sydney to do your Carpet Removal & Carpet Disposal in any situation, at any time that suits you. So why not leave the hard work up to us for a price beat guarantee?

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We will ALWAYS Beat All Of Our Competitors Quotes By Up To 10%*

Carpet Disposal Cost

Carpet disposal cost will vary depending on the weight of the carpet and the underlay, but no matter what we Carpet Removal Sydney can guarantee that we will ALWAYS have the lowest carpet disposal cost in Sydney. Prices starting as low as $200 for carpet pick up & carpet disposal.

Is There Magnesite Flooring Under Your Tiles?

If your home was built in the 1920s 1980s, it is likely that your home (Especially unit blocks in NSW) could potentially have Magnesite Flooring underneath your Tile Flooring. Magnesite is present below the Tiles. Magnesite is a product used as a noise preventative and a Floor Levelling agent.

Magnesite Flooring absorbs moisture (particularly in areas prone to moisture such as external walls, doorways, around shower recesses, near windows, laundries, etc.) Unfortunately, once Magnesite Flooring absorbs moisture it starts a chemical reaction that will cause Concrete Cancer over long periods of time.

Because your Magnesite Flooring was laid 40 – 100 years ago, it is likely that it has absorbed moisture over the many decades that it has been trapped under your flooring system and it has most likely started to break down and lose its strength making it an unsuitable Floor Levelling product that it once was, as well as very hollow, which destroys its soundproofing.

The best thing you can do to prevent further damage to your property and the concrete slab is to remove it ASAP. Magnesite Flooring consists of Magnesium Oxychloride, which may contain asbestos.

Since it is a health hazard and a major safety risk in NSW, if you remove your flooring system and find out there is Magnesite under it.

YOU MUST remove your Magnesite Flooring for the safety of you and everyone else in your unit block.

Strata may pay to remove your Magnesite Flooring as it is considered “Common property”. Magnesite Flooring can cause Concrete Cancer which is a major risk to everyone’s safety as well as the successful reinstallation of your new flooring system.

NO company will give you any form of warranty or insurance on any flooring installation job on a magnesite floor, which is another reason why it should always be removed.
Click Here To View Our Magnesite Flooring Removal Page
Magnesite Flooring Removal 6

Our Promise To You

We specialise in delivering Carpet Removal and Carpet Disposal solutions to the residential, commercial, industrial and civil sectors throughout Sydney. No job is too big or too small. We’ve built our reputation based on quality workmanship, efficient service, and value for money.

We will beat all competitor’s quotes on all Carpet Removal and Carpet Disposal jobs while maintaining a professional, fast and efficient service for all our clients. We will Remove all the Carpet, underlay, smooth edge and dispose of all of the waste. So that your subfloor is safe and ready for the reinstallation of a new flooring system.

Carpet Removal Sydney - Carpet Remover 1

Our team has over 35 years of experience combined with the most skilled and also the most professional Carpet Removal and Carpet Disposal that Sydney has to offer. These are two of the many reasons that we are known for and often referred to as the best Carpet Removal and Carpet Disposal in Sydney.

Our Carpet Removal and Carpet Disposal teams are trained, certified and insured to work on residential properties, large commercial projects and construction sites. Hire our specialist carpet removal team with over 35 years of experience, all the trucks and specialized tools needed to get the job done quickly, efficiently and affordably today!

We’re looking forward to extending to you the same quality results that we’ve become known for throughout the industry.

To obtain a Free Price Beat Guarantee Quote from Sydney’s #1 Carpet Disposal Business simply fill out our:
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We will ALWAYS Beat All Of Our Competitors Quotes By Up To 10%*


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We Will Beat All Of Our Competitors Quotes By Up To 10%*

Carpet Removal Sydney (Commercial Flooring Badges)


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Carpet Removal Sydney (Price Beat Guarantee 2)



We’ll Beat ALL Quotes By Up To 10%
Conditions apply. *Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #8)

“Thanks again for your help guys, I really appreciate you coming so far to do such a small job”

Cary Watson, Tenant of a rental property
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #7)

“You were very professional, well dressed, well mannered and quick. I will recommend your services to our friends. Thanks again!”

Michael Witherspoon, Local Resident
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #6)

“I had absolutely no idea what to do when we had a pipe burst in our property, but thankfully Carpet Removal Sydney had a 24-hour emergency assistance team that did an absolutely amazing job with the removal of the carpet that had been completely soaked, called them up at 2 am on a Tuesday and they were here within 30minutes. Couldn’t be happier with their services!”

Sarah Hadley, Sydney Resident
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #5)

“Was completely gobsmacked at the quotes that I got from 3 other company’s on the northern beaches and how outrageously high they were just to remove the carpet in a shop I had recently purchased. So it was such a relief when my friend recommended I try out Carpet Removal Sydney and I ended up saving over $3,000, Thanks again!”

Olivia Miller, Commercial Shop Owner
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #14)
“Thanks again boys! really happy with how my shop looks now! i knew ripping out the carpet was the best option, definitely looks a lot better with a clean smooth slab so that i could install a nice hardwood floor”
Paul Grannit, Local Business Owner
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #2)

“The boys at Carpet Removal Sydney went out of their way to help me so much as I wasn’t able to move a lot of the furniture myself as my back isn’t great. I also saved over $400 getting the carpet removed by these guys! Would recommend, thanks again!”

Andy Jones, Property Investor

“Excellent service from the team at Carpet Removal Sydney. Will definitely use their services again, was absolutely amazed at how much money I saved going through Carpet Removal Sydney instead of going through Carpet Court.”

Lucy Smith, Northern Beaches Resident
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #10)

“I was shocked when I had realised that my daughter had spilled my paint set all over my new carpet in my rental property, had no idea what to do, everything I tried failed, gave Carpet Removal Sydney a quick call and they gave me free advice over the phone, with no charge that actually worked! Thank you so much!”

Ava Wright, Northern Beaches Resident
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #4)

“I always recommend Carpet Removal Sydney when a tenant moves out of one of our properties if the carpet needs to be replaced. They always do an amazing job, leave the property clean and save our clients hundreds and sometimes even thousands.”

Scott Turner, Real Estate Agent

“Can’t argue with cheapest prices, best customer services, and same day service! very impressed!”

Ali Edwards, Newtown Resident
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #13)

“I attempted a carpet removal job my self in my new office only to realise the job was commercially glued down, needless to say as a I.T nerd i had absolutely no chance of removing it haha. I thought i would give a few companys a call to request a quote on how much the removal process would cost… and my god i was shocked at the overwhelming expense of how much commercial carpet removal costs… I was so relieved though when i stumbled across Carpet Removal Sydney (One of my co-workers recently had their team out to remove carpet in a new house they purchased) and was relieved when i finally found a company that was willing to do it for a fair price. I was a little concerned at the start due to their price being so much lower than all of their competitors, but my co-worker re assured me that they had an amazing team. I was quite relieved when the whole process was over and they had done such an amazing job for almost a third of their competitors prices. Thanks again lads! If you ever need a computer fixed hit me up! ”

Peter Stevensons, Home Owner
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #3)

“The boys at Carpet Removal Sydney also did an absolutely amazing job with the removal as well as the installation of my carpet as well after it was flooded by my dishwasher overnight. Called them up at 6 pm, they were also there the next day and completed the take up the same day! Really happy with the result.”

Hannah Stevenson's, New Home Owner
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #11)
“Very impressed with your team members high quality work. You all arrived on time, you did an amazing job finish the removal process and installation process without damaging anything. (My last two experiences with carpet layers from carpet court they both damaged the skirting boards and a piece of furniture) So thanks for giving me faith again that a job can be completed without my property being damaged. And thanks to your team for helping me in such short notice due to my unit having flood damage! Really appreciate everything that you did for me!”
Sasha Smith, Northern Beaches Resident
“He has great product knowledge and took the time to thoroughly explain the differences of each carpet in a simple way. He has a very personable manner and is very friendly and polite. He explained the process well provided a competitive quote. He was flexible with the install date (as I had some other trades finishing off work before the carpet could be installed) and worked with me to secure a date that suited both parties. I had an issue with the underlay requirements due to strata laws and Declan was very helpful in helping me source the correct underlay to meet strata requirements. I believe he went over and above his role to assist me. The floors are amazing! I’m extremely happy with the choice and the whole process. Thank you Declan. I hope Carpet Removal Sydney realise what an asset you are to their team. ”
Levi Edwards, Home Owner

Carpet Removal Sydney Review

Carpet Removal Sydney
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Maddy Munns
Maddy Munns
The Carpet Removal team were more than prepared to give me helpful and invaluable advice about my flooring needs, even when there was a possibility I would not meet their minimum job size requirements. I would highly recommend and will be using their services myself. My initial interaction has truly exceeded my expectations.
Jacob Galea
Jacob Galea
I own a small flooring business and contacted this company in regards of opinion regarding a subfloor and they were more than happy to help me with my questions and were super polite and respectful any future work I require will go through these guys 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Olivia Powell
Olivia Powell
Magnificent trading platform and great overall trading experience, I have been using this broker service for quite some time and I am truly satisfied with
the services, Swift withdrawals, and prompt customer service Perfect and honest broker company, I really had a great time trading with this broker company
Withdrawal is fast and services are all efficient I invested $1,000 and made a profit of $11,150 within a week, if you are looking for a good forex trader
quickly contact Mrs. EVELYN JOSHUA Via,
Sydney Concreting Works
Sydney Concreting Works
best in the business by far. highly recommend these guys.
Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson
we have used Carpet Removals Sydney on a few occasions for stencil removals. Declan is always helpful and his team gets the job done.
Robert Rahim
Robert Rahim
Thank you very much for your professional help, it was much appreciated. These guys were on time and were very professional and very tidy they did there work and cleaned up after themselves and I was very stoked with the work thank you thank you. I will definitely recommend them to anyone.
RNM Pest Solutions
RNM Pest Solutions
- Great service