Why Is Floor Preparation Required?

Concrete Grinding & Floor Levelling

Why Do I Need Concrete Grinding?

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Why do you need Dust-Free Concrete Grinding? If you are looking to lay any floor covering to a concrete slab you must first check that the concrete slab is clean, perfectly level with no minor bumps (even 0.1mm can be an issue), and ready for the installation of the new flooring system that you have chosen EVERY flooring system except for carpet will require “Floor preparation” prior to installing your new flooring system (Excluding carpet).

Your new flooring system needs a clean, smooth, and porous slab to bond to. Any glue or cement residue or any minor bumps in the slab left between the concrete will affect the quality and durability of the new floor covering which is being installed and may result in the flooring system that you are installing failing.

Floor installers (all major companies) will not give you a warranty or simply won’t do your project if you haven’t had the Dust-Free Concrete Grinder come in to clean up your concrete slab as they won’t be able to give you a warranty on installing your new flooring system. Dust-Free Concrete Grinding is necessary to remove any glue residue and to level your floor to enable a clean installation of your new flooring system.

Dust-Free Concrete Grinding is also necessary to remove any trip hazards if you wish to use a concrete slab as your subfloor. It is especially important if the floors are going to be polished, as the quality of the concrete will show through.

Dust-Free Concrete Grinding the floors prior to the application of tiles, floorboards, vinyl, lino, slate, pebblecrete, parquet, laminate, epoxy, waterproofing membranes, floor leveling products, paint, etc. is the single biggest way to ensure the longevity of the floors as well as to ensure that you get your warranty from the installer/company that you chose to install your flooring system.

If you skip the process of “Floor preparation” by not doing concrete grinding companies have the right to NOT give you any warranty on the installation of their flooring system that they have installed. So if it fails within even 7 days, its YOUR issue and not there’s and you will NOT get a refund / free repair/replacement or anything like that so you could end up wasting tens of thousands of dollars purchasing and installing your new flooring system, only to have it fail within a short period of time because you chose to skip the Concrete Grinding or Floor Leveling (also known as Floor preparation) process. THIS is why “Floor preparation” is so important.

The team we provide for you are experts in their field at removing floor coverings, adhesives, and compounds that make the surface uneven and difficult to reinstall a new underlay or flooring system too.

Our service is designed to provide a completely smooth and clean surface for our customers to do what they want. Our friendly team of experts is ready to assess your situation and consult with you on the best way to proceed with your Concrete Grinding project.

Why Do I Need Floor Levelling?

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A large portion of people who install new flooring in their home or commercial building fails to inspect the levelling of their concrete subfloor, which almost always leaves their floors with subtle errors and dips. Before installing your new flooring system, always ensure that correct floor preparation is undertaken prior to the installation of carpet, vinyl, tiles, or floorboards etc.

Floor Levelling may not seem like an important step when putting in new flooring. However, the concrete that acts as a base for your flooring can often have high or low points that means your concrete isn’t completely smooth. High points can be caused by concrete spills, contamination, and original pour errors as well. Low points can be frettings, divets, holes and other damage such as Concrete Cancer & Concrete Spalling.

With Floor Levelling Sydney’s specialist team, we can fix any of these issues such as the raising or lowering of concrete height to accommodate these high or low points. Our Floor Levelling team is also able to create falls in the concrete slab for water-proofing purposes or to direct drains.

Self Levelling Concrete – Also Known As “Floor Levelling”

The term Self Levelling Concrete was coined in the United States by ARDEX, Inc. in 1978 in reference to their first Self Levelling product, ARDEX K 15 Premium Self Levelling Concrete Underlayment. The term was used to differentiate it from traditional concrete, which is typically stiffer and requires more labour to get it into place and finish with a trowel.

Self Levelling Concrete is polymer-modified cement that has high flow characteristics and, in contrast to traditional concrete, does not require the addition of excessive amounts of water for placement. Self Levelling Concrete is typically used to create a flat and smooth surface with a compressive strength similar to or higher than that of traditional concrete prior to installing interior floor coverings.

Self Levelling Concrete has increased in popularity as the need to replace old systems such as Magnesite Flooring has become more and more urgent due to the fact that Magnesite damages the concrete slab and can cause Concrete Cancer.
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Will I Need Your Concrete Grinding Services Before Levelling My Floors?

Yes, Concrete Grinding is ALWAYS required prior to floor levelling otherwise you WILL NOT get ANY insurance on the installation of our product as its most likely going to fail, crack, popup within a 6-12 month period due to “Floor Preparation not been done correctly” 

You may also require Concrete Grinding before Floor Levelling proceeds if you have previously had flooring systems such as vinyl, lino, tiles, glued carpet, etc. Installed that may have been glued or cemented down to your concrete slab as they will have left a residue that will need to be ground away. Or if you have had epoxy, paint, stencil concrete or other residues applied to your concrete slab they can also be taken care of with Concrete Grinding.

Its very important to ALWAYS remove any prior residues on a concrete slab prior to attempting Floor Levelling otherwise the Floor Levelling agent will fail to bond correctly with your concrete slab. So it is essential to not skip Concrete Grinding.

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