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Concrete Grinding Sydney (Dust-Free)

At Carpet Removal Sydney We Always Plug-In Our Dust Extractors into Our Jackhammers, Concrete Grinders and Hand Grinders To Offer You As Close As You Can Get To A Dust-Free Floor Removal & Concrete Grinding Experience Free Of Charge*Waterproofing Removal Sydney, Rooftop Waterproofing Removal Sydney, Tile Removal SydneyDust-Free Flooring Removal Sydney (Carpet Removal Sydney)Magnesite Flooring Removal Sydney Dust-Free 5Rooftop Waterproofing Removal Sydney Dust-FreeHand Grinding Sydney Dust-Free 2Magnesite Flooring Sydney (Carpet Removal Sydney)Click Here For More Pictures Of Our Dust-Free Team In Action!

Our Guide To Help Protect Your Home During Our Dust-Free Services

Check Out Our Equipment

DustMaster DM-2680-M Dust Extractor
Please note our Dust Extractor is a class “M” but we have purchased a custom upgrade from Floorex to make it a class “H” (Also known as “HEPA” Which has been approved for use.

DustMaster DM-2660-M Dust Extractor

Meteor 250 G3 Concrete Grinder

Satellite 480 G3 Concrete Grinder

Satellite 760 Dual G3 – Passive Planetary

Satellite 760 Quad – Passive Planetary

Hilti TE-2000 AVR Demolition Hammers

Hilti TE-500 AVR SDS MAX Demolition Hammer

Hilti TE DRS-B Dust Removal System

Hilti DG 150 Concrete Grinder

Hilti AG 125-19SE Angle Grinder

Metabo 125MM 1900W Concrete Grinder RSEV19-125

GrinderTec Corner Grinder Hand Tool

Heavy Duty 30M Safety Power Cables

Why Is Dust-Free Floor Removal & Concrete Grinding So Important?

Silica dust is harmful when inhaled into your lungs. As it is 100 times smaller than a grain of sand, you can be breathing it in without knowing. Exposure to silica dust can lead to the development of lung cancer, silicosis (an irreversible scarring and stiffening of the lungs), kidney disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is estimated that 230 people develop lung cancer each year as a result of past exposure to silica dust at work. This is why we provide a Dust-Free service at Carpet Removal Sydney
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What Are The Limitations Of Dust-Free Floor Removal?

When we are completely stripping out a flooring system, substantial dust is produced from removing the floor. This dust is still reduced by about 90% by using our HEPA DustMaster DM-2680-M Dust Extractor. Which we connect to our Hilti TE DRS-B Dust Removal System which is connected to our Hilti TE-2000 AVR Demolition Hammers on all of our jobs. But unfortunately, small amounts of dust is still produced and cannot be completely eliminated.

What Are The Limitations Of Dust-Free Concrete Grinding?

Certain equipment such as concrete grinders needs some dust to work correctly. (Although over 90% of it is sucked up by a high powered HEPA commercial pump dust extractor that is plugged directly into the concrete grinder) but around 10% of the dust still escapes, this is intentionally designed like that as the concrete grinder needs dust under the diamonds to grind your concrete without damaging your concrete or our machines.

Once again even with high powered commercial dust extractors plugged directly into our hand grinders sometimes small amounts of dust will still escape, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to avoid this, in some situations “wet grinding” can be used, but unfortunately this creates “slurry” which is an awful mess to clean up and creates huge disposal of waste costs for our clients.

We will remove all the tile glue/cement residue on your concrete slab with the use of a high powered Satellite 480 G3 Concrete Grinder that is connected directly into a high powered DustMaster DM-2680-M Dust Extractor.

When we are removing a flooring system such as tiles substantial dust is produced from removing the tiles off the floor as well as from grinding the glue/cement residue off the slab that is under the tiles after they have been removed. This dust is still massively reduced by the use of our high powered commercial dust extractors that are plugged directly into our equipment.

But unfortunately, small amounts of dust are still produced and cannot be completely eliminated even with the most expensive high-end equipment and the latest technology. It should also be noted that certain equipment such as concrete grinders NEED small amounts of dust to function correctly. (Although over 90% of the dust is still sucked up by a 3 engine dust extractor that is plugged directly into the concrete grinder) but around 10% of the dust still escapes.

This system is intentionally designed to let 10% of the dust escape as the concrete grinder needs dust under the diamonds (the blades that are grinding your slab) to grind the concrete without damaging your slab or our equipment.

If you are concerned about the small amounts of dust that may possibly get into areas that we are not working in such as the kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, etc. we would advise that you seal off those areas that we are not working in with plastic and sticky tape before our team arrives to avoid delays.

Site Power

You must provide sufficient power connected for our use, or temporary site power available. Carpet Removal Sydney uses a large amount of electrical equipment. (240V) Please have as many power points available as possible, on separate circuits.

Minimal power will inhibit the safe operation of our machinery and delay job completion. If we have problems with insufficient power, waiting charges may apply until power is fixed or a generator supplied (at additional cost, which is the responsibility of the client.).

Carpet Removal Sydney has high powered machinery for floor stripping and dust removal, this equipment requires a lot of power to operate at the same time, some houses & units with old electrical wiring & fuses have minimal power outputs are not capable of running all of our equipment at the same time, this may prevent us from using all of our equipment at the same time and may prevent us from using dust extraction equipment in some scenarios.

Job Access

Please be on-site to meet our team when your job commences, ensuring adequate job communication with the Carpet Removal Sydney crew on what you require from our team.

Please be on-site when work is completed to sign off that you are satisfied with the work that you have received and make the appropriate payment.

If you can not be on-site, then make sure the area is clearly marked. Leave a key if needed.

You should be contactable throughout your project, if we encounter any problems, or if we have any questions that need answering.


Please ensure you can provide parking for a Ute and trailer or a 2T tipper truck depending on the size of your job.

Disclaimer One

Ensure your Carpet Removal Sydney crew have free access to the work area. You must remove all furniture & appliances from your floor area & benchtops. All reasonable care will be taken but we will not be liable for damage to any items left in or around the work area.

Disclaimer Two

The condition of your concrete slab after the flooring removal process will depend on the original slab condition before the flooring was laid and how hard or soft your slab is. If you have a soft slab there may be holes/grooves and marks from removing your flooring. Any repairs to the sub-floor are the responsibility of the client.

Disclaimer Three

Accidental damage in the process of removing flooring there may be some chips to paintwork, skirting boards and kitchen kick-boards around flooring area. All Caution is taken, but some tiles do shatter & may accidentally scratch paint and skirting boards. All paint touch-ups and repairs are the responsibility of the client.

Tile Removal Sydney (Transparent 2)DustMaster DM-2680-H Dust Extractor (Dust-Free) Concrete Grinding Sydney

Dustmaster® series dust extractors have been specially designed to handle demands of the concrete grinding industry which has high loading fine dust.

This is the H-Class (or often referred to as HEPA) Dust extractor that is certified to handle hazardous dust. These amazing dust collectors have been certified to capture up to 99.99% of the dust.

Dust extraction in our industry is often more important than the actual grinding itself. Without it, we could breathe the fine dust which could be detrimental to our health.

– Featuring dual 10A motors, maximum performance is ensured. The longopac bagging system makes handling and disposal of hazardous dust much easier.

– Performance is maintained by the rotary filter cleaning mechanism which automatically cleans the filter during operation.

– This machine has a single durable toggle switch for each motor.

– A deep clean is achieved while running whilst the motor is turned off. The rotary filter cleaning can be turned off when the DustMaster is not in use, using the rotary switch on the front panel.

H-Class (H13) dust extractors must pass the 0.3µm DOP test that certifies they capture no less than 99.99% of the dust.

– The rotary filter cleaning system is very effective and takes only 10-20 seconds to deep clean the filter. You may never have to remove the filter to clean it again, keeping your job and your hand’s cleaner!

– You won’t find a better piece of equipment to handle your job, this is the most high-end piece of equipment that we can use for your job. The next level up would require a 15A power supply which would require you to supply us a generator on-site as residential power only has 10A.


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