Either you need a single room, entire house or commercial property our qualified carpet installers can perform whole house installation services or lay new carpet in just a room or two.
However, our installers aren’t limited to just bedrooms and living rooms.
Hallway carpet and stair runners can also be installed to create additional décor and comfort in high-traffic areas of your home.
If you decide to get new carpet installed in your whole house, our best price guarantee will also come in handy.
We proudly deliver an outstanding job that you will be proud to show off at the cheapest price possible.


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Price Beat Guarantee

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Carpet Installations:

Residential & Commercial

At Carpet Removal Sydney, Carpet installation is also one of our many specialties. Our extremely skilled and qualified carpet experts will do a flawless job on any size job. While also installing any type of carpet on any type of subfloor such as but not limited to:

  • Tiled areas
  • Concrete
  • Magnesite
  • Cork
  • As well as any variety of timber floors

Carpet Removal Sydney is also a carpet removal company, we specialize in everything carpet related from carpet installations to carpet repairs.

Carpet Removal Sydney can also take on any carpet installation job residential or commercial any size no matter how big or small:

  • Units and Apartments
  • Houses
  • Granny flats
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Factories
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Showrooms
  • Common areas (Strata)
  • As well as any other area

Furthermore, we also offer:

From the removal and disposal of your old carpet to the laying of your new carpet and underlay, Carpet Removal Sydney’s team will also make sure the job is done right, and to your satisfaction.

This includes helping you select quality underlay to install under your new carpet to help it last longer, fit the area correctly,  have a softer feel, reduce noise and provide adequate insulation.

Our team also will never leave the job until the new carpet area is vacuumed and free of debris. Our professionals will also walk you through a final inspection and discuss proper maintenance and relevant information.

We Have The Recipe For Success

There’s a lot involved when it comes to carpet installation and we guarantee to deliver a very professional and highly skilled service, for a very fair price! One of our core values states that our staff will maintain the highest standard of work on all jobs while still giving the customer the best price, and we are very driven by this mission.

Our carpet layers are in this trade by choice, which makes a lot of difference when it comes to customer satisfaction, and this is one of the reasons why our company will always be highly recommended and appreciated by customers Sydney-wide.

Carpet Replacement

Carpet Removal Sydney also offers a service of Carpet Replacement after we have removed the old carpet from your property.
Depending on the reason for the carpet replacement such as if it was a small section near a bathroom that has been affected by mold.

the subfloor may need some time to air out before the carpet replacement can be started. So it is usually best to get onto it as quickly as possible to avoid the damage spreading.

Contact us now for price inquiries for a cheaper high-quality carpet than all of our competitors!

Carpet Re-Installation

Carpet Removal Sydney also offers a price beat guarantee on all carpet installation jobs and carpet re-installation jobs. Our extremely skilled and qualified carpet layers can do a flawless job while re-installing old carpet on any subfloor.

Carpet Re-Installation & Re-Stretching

People often need repairs, re-stretching and carpet to be re-installed due to the previous carpet layer not stretching it properly or the smoothedge coming loose over time so it’s not holding the stretch as tightly anymore which will often cause carpet ripples.

There is no need to replace the carpet because of this though, why waste thousands of dollars when we can simply replace smoothedge at a very low cost, come out with a professional team with no call out fee and do a minor repair in under an hour per room at the cheapest rate in Australia to make it look brand new again!

We can do all the floor preparation that is needed, we can even take up the old carpet keep it in one piece and move it from one location to another, in order to relay the old carpet while still maintaining its current condition and not causing any further damage to the old carpet during the carpet re-installation process.

Don’t haul your old carpet away when you finish your new install. Old carpet in decent condition can be put back to work in a utility room, recreation room or even a multi-purpose garage. After the carpet is installed, you can give the recycled material a nicely finished look.

Re-installation Considerations:

Underlay re-installation is not a possibility unless it is still in very high-quality condition or has been laid recently and not glued down. An old carpet to be re-installed will also need new underlay. Ultimately, the function of the underlay is to support the carpeting and protect it from the force of traffic pushing it toward the subfloor underneath.

Carpet underlay also has a variety of densities. The heavier the density, the better it supports the carpeting. The lighter the density, the less durable it is. If it is a lightweight underlay that has been in for a number of years, it may not serve you to retain it.

Also, carpet underlay can retain spills and odours from the previous usage. New carpeting can pick up a stain from an old underlay if it has retained liquid and it wicks up into the new carpeting installed.

The age of the existing underlay is something to consider as well. It really does have a limited service life. Many times we go out and look at existing carpeting that isn’t worn through, but the underlay has completely disintegrated. Now, these are extreme cases, like 20 years or more of use, but it is still important to consider.

Re-Stretching Carpet

Carpet Removal Sydney’s Carpet layers will always make sure the new piece of carpet is joined to the old carpet and is invisible to the eyes before re-stretching carpet.

This is usually needed when the carpeting was not installed properly and lifts up off the subfloor. As carpeting ages, it can lose some of its elasticity. Children, pets, and excessive traffic can speed up this process. During the stretching process, we use a special device to exert pressure on the bunched up carpet. This pushes it to the edges of the room, where our team will cut off the excess carpet and secure it into place. You may still have light ‘shadowing’ in the area where the bump once was but that will go away with time.

The replacement piece of carpet can be a new piece of carpet or a piece from another area, such as a built-in wardrobe or an off-cut that was left after the job.

Why replace your carpet if you don’t have to? The experts at Carpet Removal Sydney can also help with Re-Stretching carpet and if we can’t fix the issue there is no cost!

So why not try today before paying thousands of dollars to remove and replace your perfectly fine carpet?

Carpet losing its stretch is a common problem, a carpet slowly loses it’s stretch over time, causing bumps to appear. The carpet re-stretching process that we perform can easily resolve the issue.

Don’t rehire the previous carpet layer that laid the carpet as you will most likely get the same issue in the future again.
They will charge a call out fee to fix their own mistake!

The issue most likely happened due to smoothedge not being replaced or the carpet not being stretched and hooked onto the smoothedge properly.

A lot of unprofessional and unskilled carpet layers aren’t securing the carpet onto the smoothedge correctly during installation, to guarantee a long time hold and clean stretch.

Carpet Ripples And Carpet Bumps

Re-Stretching carpet is important to remove Ripples and bumps in the carpet as they are a dangerous trip hazard.

Carpet re-stretching is a good solution to bring the carpet back to its original tight stretch on the room too.
Eliminating ripples and bumps making it safe to walk on again which is especially important for the elderly.

Re-stretching carpet will also make it more attractive, easier to clean and will increase the longevity of the carpet.

Smoothedge replacement

Wood strips called also called smoothedge have sharp pins facing upwards and are nailed to the floor. This anchors the carpet around the perimeter of a room.
We offer smoothedge repair and re-stretching the carpet as well as doubling up the smoothedge as part of our wide range of expert services.

Doing this can also be a permanent long-term fix for many repairs or damages that can be causing issues in the affected areas.

Underlay Replacement

We also offer underlay replacement prior to the restretching of your carpet if you would like your underlay refreshed and replaced.

Customers must factor in the cost of carpet underlay when installing new carpet. The right grade of carpet underlay is also essential if you want to get the most out of your carpet in terms of comfort and durability. And it’s not just a case of choosing between a cheap carpet underlay or a more expensive one. Different underlays will be specifically designed and better suited to a certain type of carpet. Most carpet underlays are made of foam or rubber but within those categories are many sub-categories including high-density foam, urethane foam, memory foam, slab rubber, waffle rubber and more! Contact our experts today for the cheapest quote on carpet underlay replacement.


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