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Carpet Replacement

Carpet Removal Sydney also offers a service of Carpet Replacement after we have removed the old carpet from your property.
Depending on the reason for the carpet replacement such as if it was a small section near a bathroom that has been affected by mold.

the subfloor may need some time to air out before the carpet replacement can be started. So it is usually best to get onto it as quickly as possible to avoid the damage spreading.

Contact us now for price inquiries for a cheaper high-quality carpet than all of our competitors!

Carpet Installation

Our extremely skilled and qualified carpet layers will do a flawless job on any size carpet installation job while installing any carpet on any type of subfloors such as tiled areas, concrete, magnesite/cork and any variety of timber floors. furthermore, we also offer carpet re-laying and carpet re-stretching services of any new or old supplied carpet. We can do all floor preparation that is needed such as concrete sub-floor leveling and patching of other floors, While still beating all competitors prices!

This is the reason why Carpet Removal Sydney is booming and having great success, the current companies out there are charging outrageously expensive prices for small easy jobs simply because customers are just accepting their quotes and not looking for another company that can do the same job (if not far better!) than them while still beating their price!

Re-Installation Of Old Carpet

Carpet Removal Sydney also offers a price beat guarantee on all carpet installation jobs and carpet re-installation jobs.

Our extremely skilled and qualified carpet layers can do a flawless job while re-installing old carpet on any subfloor, we can do all floor preparation that is needed. We can even take up the old carpet, keep it in one piece move it from one location to another and relay the old carpet while still maintaining the current condition of the carpet and not causing any further damage to the old carpet during the carpet installation process.

Re-Stretching Of Old Carpet

Why replace your carpet if you don’t have too? The experts at Carpet Removal Sydney can help!

Ripples and bumps in the carpet is a dangerous trip hazard, especially for the elderly! Carpet re-stretching is a good solution to bring the carpet back to its original tight stretch on the room, eliminating ripples and bumps. Making it safe to walk on again, more attractive, easier to clean and will increase the longevity of the carpet.

Carpet losing its stretch is a common problem, the carpet slowly loses it’s stretch over time, causing bumps to appear. A re-stretching process that we perform can easily resolve this issue.

Carpet Stain Remover

Our team of experts will be able to get almost any stain out of your carpet including, but not limited to:
•  Colored drinks
•  Chocolate
•  Chewing gum
•  Blood
•  Crayons
•  Ink
•  Coffee
•  Red Wine
•  Pet Stains
•  Mud & Dirt

Patching & Repairs Of Carpet

Our team of experts will be able to patch, repair and do any Carpet Replacement that is necessary as well as any carpet related issue including, but not limited to:

• Holes
•  Iron burns
•  Cigarette burns
•  Tears
•  Split seams
•  Bumps
•  Ripples
•  Rips
•  Carpet restretching
•  Carpet Stains

Are all problems that can be repaired!

The repair method for most issues is to cut out the affected area and replace the section while making sure the new piece of carpet is joined to the old carpet and is invisible to the eyes. The replacement piece of carpet can be a new piece of carpet or a piece from another area, such as a built-in wardrobe or an offcut that was left after the job.

Sub-Floor leveling

For sub-floor leveling please enquire at Enquiries@CarpetRemovalSydney.com.au

Carpet Removal Residential

Carpet Removal Sydney offers standard carpet removal at a time that suits you, we are happy to work around your schedule to complete the job in the time frame that you require. Our employees are hard working, professional and the best in the trade. They will always do a flawless job and leave the job clean and ready for reinstallation, While still beating all our competitor’s prices.

We will take all the carpet and any rubbish to the tip for you so there is no mess when you come home.

Carpet Removal Sydney can also offer carpet replacement after removing the carpet from your property

Carpet Removal Wet, Moldy, Water Damaged, Pet Urine Soaked

We also offer a service to remove wet, moldy, water damaged or pet urine soaked carpet from your property so that you can air out the subfloor before reinstalling new carpet or floorboards. This must be done prior to reinstallation of new flooring immediate action must be taken as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the subfloors

Our team specializes in removing all damaged carpets without any damage to your property, we also take everything with us so that you don’t have to deal with any of the nasty mess, smell or fees.

Other companies will charge you for a skip bin, or outrageously inflated prices to deal with Wet, Moldy, Water damaged or pet urine-soaked carpets.

Our team of professionals will closely monitor the drying process to verify your subfloor is dried properly and thoroughly to ensure no secondary damage is caused to any new flooring put down.

Carpet Removal Commercial

Carpet Removal Sydney also offers a service to remove any size and any amount of commercial carpet from any commercial property, no job is too big or too small for our team!

We will beat all competitors quotes on all jobs while maintaining a professional, fast and efficient service while at the highest standards at all times.

With over 35 years of experience, combined with the most skilled and professional carpet removal experts that the Carpet Removal Sydney team has, This is the reason why we have the  Reputation for being the fastest, the best and cheapest most professional carpet removal company in Australia.

We can strip out:

  • Offices
  • warehouses
  • commercial buildings/offices
  • shop strip outs
  • And all other commercial layouts!

Pick Up & Delivery Of Carpet

Carpet Removal Sydney offer’s a carpet pick up and delivery service we can pick up carpet from the warehouse of your choice than deliver it to your location so it is ready for our carpet installation professionals to install your new carpet. So if you would also like us to reinstall your carpet with our fully qualified experienced carpet layers than simply get a quote and call or email our team for a price beat guarantee!

Removal & Installation Of Underlay & Smooth Edge

Carpet Removal Sydney also offers a service of:

• Removing underlay & Installing underlay
• Removing & Installing Smooth edge

Furniture Removals, Disassembly & Reassembly

Carpet Removal Sydney also offers a service of:

• Removing furniture from the property so that carpet can be removed/installed

•  Replacing furniture to original positions after the carpet has been removed/installed

•  Disassembly & Reassembly of furniture that cant fit out rooms such as bed frames


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