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Concrete Cancer

Concrete Cancer also known as Concrete Spalling is our specialty. Our Concrete Cancer specialist team will come to your property free of charge. To offer you a free on-site inspection.

First they will inspect your concrete slab to identify any possible Concrete Cancer (Concrete Spalling) and then we will offer a free, no-obligation quote to repair your concrete slab.

Removing the Concrete Cancer (Concrete Spalling) completely, allowing you to have a fresh concrete slab that is safe and ready for re-installation of any flooring system. Our team of Concrete Cancer specialists is fully qualified, licensed, insured & trusted throughout Australia.

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Dust-Free Concrete Grinding (Will The Job Be 100% Dust-Free?)

No, The Job Will Not Be 100% Dust-Free. BUT!

How Do We Achieve A Almost 90% Dust-Free Concrete Grinding Experience For Our Clients Free Of Charge?

Concrete Grinding
With the use of our high powered Satellite 480 G3 Concrete Grinder that is connected directly into a high powered DustMaster DM-2680-M Dust Extractor.

When we are concrete grinding substantial dust is produced from grinding the concrete and any residues off the slab. This dust is still MASSIVELY REDUCED by the use of our high powered commercial dust extractors that are plugged directly into our equipment.

But unfortunately, small amounts of dust are still produced and cannot be completely eliminated even with the most expensive high-end equipment and the latest technology. It should also be noted that certain equipment such as concrete grinders NEED small amounts of dust to function correctly. (Although over 90% of the dust is still sucked up by a 3 engine dust extractor that is plugged directly into the concrete grinder) but around 10% of the dust still escapes.

This system is intentionally designed to let 10% of the dust escape as the concrete grinder needs dust under the diamonds (the blades that are grinding your slab) to grind the concrete without damaging your slab or our equipment.

If you are concerned about the small amounts of dust that may possibly get into areas that we are not working in such as the kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, etc. we would advise that you seal off those areas that we are not working in with plastic and sticky tape before our team arrives to avoid delays.

Get A Better Understanding Of Just How Powerful Our DustMaster DM-2680-H Dust Extractor Is

Tile Removal Sydney (Transparent 2)DustMaster DM-2680-H Dust Extractor (Dust-Free) Concrete Grinding Sydney

Dustmaster® series dust extractors have been specially designed to handle demands of the concrete grinding industry which has high loading fine dust.

This is the H-Class (or often referred to as HEPA) Dust extractor that is certified to handle hazardous dust. These amazing dust collectors have been certified to capture up to 99.99% of the dust.

Dust extraction in our industry is often more important than the actual grinding itself. Without it, we could breathe the fine dust which could be detrimental to our health.

– Featuring dual 10A motors, maximum performance is ensured. The longopac bagging system makes handling and disposal of hazardous dust much easier.

– Performance is maintained by the rotary filter cleaning mechanism which automatically cleans the filter during operation.

– This machine has a single durable toggle switch for each motor.

– A deep clean is achieved while running whilst the motor is turned off. The rotary filter cleaning can be turned off when the DustMaster is not in use, using the rotary switch on the front panel.

H-Class (H13) dust extractors must pass the 0.3µm DOP test that certifies they capture no less than 99.99% of the dust.

– The rotary filter cleaning system is very effective and takes only 10-20 seconds to deep clean the filter. You may never have to remove the filter to clean it again, keeping your job and your hand’s cleaner!

– You won’t find a better piece of equipment to handle your job, this is the most high-end piece of equipment that we can use for your job. The next level up would require a 15A power supply which would require you to supply us a generator on-site as residential power only has 10A.

How Do I Organize A Free Concrete Spalling Site Inspection?

Have you found Concrete Cancer / Concrete Spalling in your property?

Do you need our team to take care of it for you?

At Concrete Spalling Sydney we offer a free price beat guarantee, no-obligation quote to repair your concrete slab of all Concrete Spalling issues identified. Removing the Concrete Spalling completely!

Simply contact us on 0424 408 330

What Is Concrete Spalling?

Concrete Spalling, cracked or damaged concrete is much more than just an eyesore. Left untreated, compromised concrete can quickly lead to serious structural problems requiring extensive remediation.

Concrete Spalling occurs when carbonation and high chloride levels in the environment (usually present in coastal locations) causes corrosion of concrete buildings.  If it’s left untreated Concrete Spalling can lead to serious structural deterioration resulting in extensive and expensive repairs.

Carpet Removal Sydney (What Is Concrete Spalling)

The expert Concrete Spalling Repair and waterproofing solutions from our team are an efficient and cost-efficient way of addressing all types of concrete damage including Concrete Cancer, Concrete Spalling, water, water damage, and concrete cracks.

Concrete Spalling is a term used to describe the degradation of concrete structures often caused by interstitial contaminants in the concrete constituents, moisture ingress and the alkali-silica reaction.

Chloride contaminated constituents can find their way into concrete structures if sourced from a chloride-rich environment such as a coastal region. Chloride ingress can also be attributed to the structure’s surrounding environment, which is a particularly important issue in Australia.

The presence of free chloride ions in a reinforced concrete structure causes depassivation of the steel reinforcement bars, allowing them to corrode. As the steel corrodes inside the structure, the reinforcement bars expand, inducing stress on the surrounding concrete leading to Concrete Spalling.

Once initial cracks form in the Concrete Spalling processes, further degradation is accelerated as there is greater exposure to moisture ingress.

In the alkali-silica reaction, certain concrete constituents in the aggregate react with the alkali to form alkali-silica. This highly hygroscopic compound imbibes moisture from surrounding pores in the concrete structure.

This has the effect of creating a localised expansion in the alkali-silica rich sites resulting in high internal localised stresses. When the concrete has become damaged by the alkali-silica reaction it can produce a characteristic cracking pattern on the surface with white alkali-silica gel emanating from this network of cracks.

The word Spall in engineering describes the chips or fragments of a material that is broken off a bigger object. The process of Spalling Of Concrete also known as spallation is the surface failure that occurs when a material such as concrete, brick, or limestone is subjected to excess moisture, corrosion, weathering, and much more. Concrete spalling commonly known as (Concrete Cancer) is an eye-sore and has the potential to be an extreme hazard.

What Causes Concrete Spalling?

Spalling Of Concrete (also known as Concrete Cancer or Concrete Spalling) is aggressive rusting of steel reinforcement beams in the concrete slab
which can be incredibly dangerous to the strength of the structure and flooring.

Spalling Of Concrete will start to damage the concrete and steel reinforcing beams in the concrete slab.

Concrete Spalling Sydney offers a free inspection of the concrete slab to inspect for any Spalling Of Concrete. Which should always be done before installing a new floor topping, especially if you have recently removed a Magnesite Flooring.

Firstly, Spalling Of Concrete is not attractive and makes a structure look uncared for. More seriously, if the structure is in an area accessed by the public, or by workers, then Spalling Of Concrete can be hazardous in terms of falling debris or trip hazards.

If left unchecked then Spalling Of Concrete will tend to accelerate and spread so that, eventually, the structure could become unstable. Diligent maintenance is therefore of great importance and legislation places a duty of care on owners to ensure that structures are not hazardous to users.

There are also serious commercial considerations. If a structure is left to deteriorate then the value of the asset will diminish and, furthermore, maintenance costs will tend to increase as corrosion and Spalling Of Concrete becomes more widespread. For some structures, such as car parks, customers will stay away if the environment is unattractive and potentially hazardous.

Spalling Of Concrete – especially on the outside of a building – not only looks terrible, but it is potentially dangerous too. Over time, and with increased exposure to the elements, untreated pieces of concrete may fall from your structure. The risk is it falling and damaging property, or even worse, hitting a person walking below.

There are a number of reasons your building may have Spalling Of Concrete.

Spalling Of Concrete usually occurs for one of three reasons, or sometimes a combination of these reasons. Salt, particularly the sodium chloride that’s used on frozen roads in many northern states, can result in oxidation or rusting of reinforcing steel when it’s repeatedly introduced to a surface or building.

But Spalling Of Concrete is more likely to occur due to the curing process or the way the concrete hardened. Carbon dioxide in the air and alkalis in the concrete mix can also interact and force cracking that admits water.

Common reasons that your building may have Spalling Of Concrete include:

  1. A poorly poured substrate which has allowed moisture to seep into it through cracks and voids
  2. Inadequate preparation of the reinforcing steel when the original concrete was poured
  3. The ends of the reinforcing beams are too close to the surface. In heavy rains, water may seep through causing lime and other chemicals in the steel to oxidise
  4. Incompatible metals being used in close proximity to each other, thus causing a reaction which allows water into the slab
  5. Stress fractures from bearing weight or general wear-and-tear allow water to penetrate the concrete and react with the steel
  6. Corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel, because the corrosion products (rust) occupy more volume than the original steel, and the resultant pressure spalls the concrete.
  7. Fire exposure due to which free water in the concrete changes to stem and create internal expansive pressure in concrete, consequently spall off the concrete.
  8. Freeze and thaw cycling
  9. Expansive effects of Alkali-Silica Reaction
  10. Inadequate depth of cover over reinforcement
  11. Low quality concrete cover over reinforcing steel
  12. Joint spalls are often caused by improperly constructed joints lead to joint spalling
  13. Bond failure in two-course construction due to Differences in shrinkage between topping and base courses, drying of the bonding grout before the topping concrete is placed, etc

What Causes Concrete Spalling

Spalling Of Concrete breaks away pieces of the concrete surface which often extends to the top layers of reinforcing steel. Spalls may be 150 mm or more in diameter and 25mm or more in-depth, and the occurrence of smaller spalls also possible.

Spalling Of Concrete affects a broad variety of structures including framed buildings, multi-story car parks, bridges, jetties, unit blocks, etc.

Spalling Of Concrete leaves the concrete surface patchy and pitted while exposing aggregate underneath. As soon as Spalling Of Concrete is spotted, it should be properly repaired otherwise it compromises concrete surface integrity and jeopardizes the ultimate capacity of the member. Added to that, Spalling Of Concrete could distort the aesthetic appearance of the structure.

Spalling Of Concrete that occurs in a concrete driveway or sidewalk typically happens because the weather changed during the hardening process or something else occurred to prevent the concrete from finishing its curing. Contractors might make the mistake of adding too much water, but frankly, most don’t make mixing errors. Tearing out the driveway isn’t always necessary to fix Spalling Of Concrete. Sometimes the top layer can be removed and a new layer poured in its place.

What Does Concrete Spalling Look Like?

Spall In Concrete looks like flakes of material that are broken off of a larger solid body. A Spall In Concrete typically begins when the steel reinforcing embedded within the concrete member rusts. A Spall In Concrete can be as simple as your concrete starting to flake or chip away, or large chunks starting to fall off which reveal the steel reinforcing beams. There are a lot of things to look out for when buying a new property especially close to the ocean if you want to check for a Spall In Concrete you should look for any patchwork that has been done to the concrete slab, driveway, foundation, walls, rooffootpathsetc.

Here are a few examples of a Spall In Concrete in Sydney from job sites that we have attended:

Spall In Concrete 8Spall In Concrete 7Spall In Concrete 6Spall In Concrete 2Spall In Concrete

How Do You Repair Concrete Spalling?

Step 1: Free call out and quote from our Spalling Concrete Repair specialist team

Our Spalling Concrete Repair specialists team will examine the site and identify what’s causing the Concrete Spalling and how we will repair it.

Step 2: Repair the areas effected by Concrete Spalling

All affected concrete is removed along with any associated brick-work. We then get to the structural level where we grind back any reinforcing steel and remove rust. We will then remove any rusted steel if necessary or if safe to do so, treat the steel with anti-corrosive membranes so that the Spalling Concrete Repair service can start to work. We then work to replace any brickwork and restore the original concrete.

Step 3: Apply waterproof membrane to reduce risk of Concrete Spalling

Our Spalling Concrete Repair specialist team will apply a waterproofing membrane. This will keep out the moisture that is one of the causes of Spalling Of Concrete.

Will I Need Your Concrete Grinding Services?

Yes, you will require concrete grinding because its necessary to grind back any existing concrete spalling to allow fresh concrete to be laid.

Click here to view our Concrete Grinding page for more information

What Equipment Does Our Team Use?

Flooring Removal and Concrete Grinding Sydney's Equipment - Carpet Removal Sydney (4) Flooring Removal and Concrete Grinding Sydney's Equipment - Carpet Removal Sydney (3) Flooring Removal and Concrete Grinding Sydney's Equipment - Carpet Removal Sydney (2)
Flooring Removal and Concrete Grinding Sydney's Equipment - Carpet Removal Sydney (1)

Do I Need To Hire A Skip Bin?

No, Other concrete spalling contractors and concrete spalling repair companies regardless of job size will make you hire a skip bin which will cost a huge amount ($375 – $1,000+). Which will have to sit in your front yard for days, weeks and sometimes even months while you deal with the annoyance of organising it and the large cost of the whole process.

Here at concrete spalling Sydney, we come in, dealing with the whole concrete spalling process, as well as grind down any concrete that needs grinding, than our team will sweep and vacuum your property to clean up any dust!

Then once we are finished, we will also take all the waste to a local resource management centre for you (Recycling whenever possible) which will be far cheaper than you having to hire a skip bin and dealing with the frustration of that whole process! (On average our clients save 60% on disposal of waste charges)

Do I Need To Turn Off My Air-con & Fire Alarms?

Yes, While we are grinding your concrete and removing your concrete with jackhammers, although we do try to keep the dust to an absolute minimum through various methods such as dust extraction units or wet grinding. Dust still may occur, so it is important that you turn off air conditioning units and isolate, switch off and cover your fire alarms as dust will set them off.

Can You Work Over Night? Are There Any Additional Charges?

Yes, our team can work Any Day, Anytime, 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, 365 Days Of The Year at any time that suits our clients.

If you have time restrictions, noise restrictions or any other restriction or deadlines we can make sure that we can fit into your schedule to make sure that your job is completed in the time frame needed while still maintaining the highest quality of work standards at any time that you desire with NO additional charges!

Do You Offer Free Quotes With A Price Beat Guarantee?

– We will beat all of our competitor’s quotes by up to 10%*
– We also offer FREE quotes & site inspections
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So Why Choose Our Team At Concrete Spalling Sydney For Your Project?

Every year here at Concrete Spalling Sydney our team repairs hundreds of concrete slabs. So as you can imagine they run into every issue you can imagine. As the concrete slabs they encounter are all installed poured different ways.

So as you can imagine our team is quite experienced in the services we offer and know how to handle any issue that we may come across on any concrete spalling project. Giving our customers the peace of mind knowing that they have a highly experienced team doing their job.

– Free Quote & Measure For Every Job!

– Over 150 Flawless Reviews & Testimonials!

– Combine Multiple Services To Save Money!

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– There Is A Highly Trained On-Site Supervisor On Every Job!

– We Use The Latest Dust Extraction Equipment Free Of Charge*

– All Floors Are Left Clean, Smooth And Ready For Reinstallation*

Carpet Removal Sydney (Concrete Cancer Tiled Sydney)


We’ll Beat All Quotes By Up To 10%*, No Call Out Fee Conditions apply*

Carpet Removal Sydney (Price Beat Guarantee 2)



We’ll Beat ALL Quotes By Up To 10%
Conditions apply. *Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.



We’ll Beat ALL Quotes By Up To 10%
Conditions apply. *Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Concrete Cancer Sydney

Concrete Cancer Sydney

Concrete Cancer Caused By Magnesite (Carpet Removal Sydney)

What Is Concrete Cancer?

Carpet Removal Sydney (What Is Concrete Cancer 1)

Concrete Cancer (also known as Concrete Spalling) is the aggressive rusting of steel reinforcement beams in the concrete slab.

As the steel rusts it expands, displacing the concrete around it, causing it to become brittle and crack thus accelerating the process. Which can be incredibly dangerous to the strength of the structure and flooring.

The alkali-silica reaction, more commonly known as “concrete cancer”, is a deleterious swelling reaction that occurs over time in concrete between the highly alkaline cement paste and the reactive amorphous silica found in many common aggregates, given sufficient moisture

Signs of Concrete Cancer include:

– Crazing and cracking concrete (Concrete Spalling)
– Rust stains which seem to leak out from within the concrete
– Bubbling (also called Plating) of concrete render
– Leaks that appear in overhead concrete surfaces

What Causes Concrete Cancer?

Carpet Removal Sydney (Concrete Cancer 1)

Concrete Cancer (also known as Concrete Spalling) is aggressive rusting of steel reinforcement beams in the concrete slab which can be incredibly dangerous to the strength of the structure and flooring.

Sydney’s older apartment developments have a topping of magnesite on concrete flooring that displays a smooth finish. Long-term exposure to moisture that occurs in household kitchens, bathrooms, laundries or balconies as well as windows, can lead to the magnesite releasing harmful chlorides.

Concrete Cancer is a serious problem that occurs within the concrete and it is caused by the steel reinforcing inside the concrete rusting.  As the steel reinforcing rusts, it expands, causing the concrete around the steel to be displaced.

As the concrete becomes more displaced, more water gets into the steel, causing more Concrete Cancer (rusting) and the problem gets worse.  The expansion of the steel causes the concrete to delaminate and results in Concrete Cancer. Concrete Cancer is where the concrete initially cracks and then starts to break away.  While Concrete Cancer looks terrible, it can also be dangerous as pieces of concrete fall off and possibly hit people underneath. Concrete Cancer also weakens the strength of the concrete.

– We are a fully insured business with worker’s compensation, insured for public liability and all employees have white card health and safety and covid vaccinations.

– Our highly trained staff will always work in a safe and efficient manner while using high-quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Dust Extraction Equipment.

Can You Repair Concrete Cancer?

Concrete Cancer can start in a number of ways including using poorly treated reinforcing steel when the concrete is poured, having the ends of the reinforcing too close to the surface so that water can get to it, using incompatible metals (this causes a reaction), having fractures in the concrete as well as things such as Magnesite Flooring.

Dealing with Concrete Cancer is not a DIY job. Concrete Cancer will need to be removed via penetrating the concrete enough to reach the rusting steel reinforcement; thoroughly remove the rust; treat the steel, and waterproof the steel to ensure the problem does not occur again. Depending on the severity of the problem, the concrete repairers may use a technique called “crack” injection to create a water diverting membrane or, if the problem is serious, more invasive action may be required.

Just as a disease needs proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment, so does Concrete Cancer. However, there are several telltale signs of its presence that can alert you to the problem. Look for:

– Flaking concrete
– Cracking concrete
Magnesite Flooring

Rust stains that appear with no external cause
Bubbles in concrete render (surface finishes)
Leaks in a concrete roof or in internal walls

If you suspect Concrete Cancer is developing, call our Concrete Cancer specialist team immediately and let them diagnose and treat the problem. If you catch the problem early, the repair is usually much easier and cheaper than if you put it off and let the problem get worse.

Carpet Removal Sydney (Concrete Cancer 4)

If you suspect that you have Concrete Cancer in any form, it is important that you get treatment as soon as possible otherwise the problems will only get worse.  Treatment needs to be done by qualified professionals as poor treatment will only hide and delay the problem.

It is not enough to just render over the concrete to hide the rusting steel, this is commonly done through layers of ardit by “home handymen” or “DIY” people to hide the issues and sell the property. The rusting process will just continue underneath, causing further displacement of the concrete and even necessitating the replacement of the reinforcing steel altogether. Rather, the cause of the Concrete Cancer needs to be appropriately identified before a fix can be applied once the cause is identified repairs can start

Concrete Cancer puts owners of the property at risk of negligence suits. Damage can occur through concrete pieces falling and injuring people, property, or even accidental death. Further, Concrete Cancer that is not attended to in a timely manner will only lead to further costs as the problem spreads.

To obtain expert advice on Concrete Cancer, book a free quote and site inspection from our Concrete Cancer team.

To obtain a Free Price Beat Guarantee Quote from Sydney’s #1 Concrete Cancer Specialists simply fill out our:
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You can also contact us directly on:
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Concrete Cancer Caused By Magnesite Flooring

Magnesite Concrete Cancer

When magnesite is exposed to moisture over prolonged periods of time, chloride ions from the magnesite diffuse into the pores of the underlying concrete slab eventually reaching the reinforcing steel.

As chloride levels in the slab reach the chloride threshold, corrosion of the steel reinforcement will begin to take place, the longer the exposure time to the moisture source, the more aggressive the corrosion of the steel reinforcement.

Corrosion of this nature results in pitting of the steel reinforcement where it loses its cross-sectional area and strength.

Iron oxide deposits also occur, causing expansive forces within the concrete. These forces cause cracking and spalling of the concrete around the corroding steel, a common name for this type of concrete spalling is concrete cancer.

Signs of concrete spalling were noted throughout various units in manly when Carpet Removal Sydney was on a commercial job site doing a strata magnesite removal job. Concrete cancer had been caused by water leaking from various sources, saturating the magnesite for prolonged periods of time.

Magnesite Flooring can be removed with specialized equipment by our Magnesite Flooring Removal specialist team. leaving the concrete slab in a condition that is ready to have new flooring installed on.

Although sometimes some Magnesite Flooring jobs will have magnesite residue stuck to the floor even after the Magnesite Flooring has been jackhammered off. When this happens the remaining residue will need to be ground off

using specialized equipment to restore your concrete slab back to a level, smooth state allowing a new flooring system to be installed or to allow the fresh concrete slab to be used as your new floor.

Concrete Cancer is often caused by Magnesite Flooring, Our team are Australia’s leading experts in the Removal Of Magnesite Flooring. Magnesite Flooring should always be removed for your safety as it can contain asbestos and often causes Concrete Cancer.
To get a free quote to have your Magnesite Flooring Removed view our Magnesite Flooring Removal page here!

What Concrete Grinder Do We Use While Grinding Concrete?

If your interested in learning more about the different types of Concrete Grinders that our Concrete Grinding specialist team uses daily. Then you can view information and photos of them on our Concrete Grinders page.

Concrete Grinding Equipment Used By Carpet Removal Sydney

Our Promise To You

We specialise in delivering Concrete Cancer & Concrete Spalling solutions to the residential, commercial, industrial and civil sectors throughout Sydney. No job is too big or too small. We’ve built our reputation based on quality workmanship, efficient service, and value for money.

We offer some the best prices in Sydney on all Concrete Cancer & Concrete Spalling jobs while maintaining a professional, fast and efficient service for all our clients.

We will repair your concrete slab to make sure that it is safe and ready for the re-installation of a new flooring system, Our team has over 35 years of experience combined with the most skilled and also the most professional Concrete Cancer team that Sydney has to offer.

Carpet Removal Sydney - Magnesite Removal Specialist

These are two of the many reasons that we are known for and often referred to as the best Concrete Cancer assessment team in Sydney, our concrete teams are trained, certified and insured to work on residential properties, large commercial projects and construction sites.

Hire our specialist team with over 35 years of experience and all the trucks and heavy power tools needed to get the job done quickly, efficiently and affordable.

We’re looking forward to extending to you the same quality results that we’ve become known for throughout the industry.

To obtain a Free Price Beat Guarantee Quote from Sydney’s #1 Concrete Cancer & Concrete Spalling specialists simply fill out our:
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You can also contact us directly on:
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Or email us at:
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Carpet Removal Sydney (Commercial Flooring Badges)


Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #4)

“I always recommend Carpet Removal Sydney when a tenant moves out of one of our properties if the carpet needs to be replaced. They always do an amazing job, leave the property clean and save our clients hundreds and sometimes even thousands.”

Scott Turner, Real Estate Agent
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #5)

“Was completely gobsmacked at the quotes that I got from 3 other company’s on the northern beaches and how outrageously high they were just to remove the carpet in a shop I had recently purchased. So it was such a relief when my friend recommended I try out Carpet Removal Sydney and I ended up saving over $3,000, Thanks again!”

Olivia Miller, Commercial Shop Owner
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #2)

“The boys at Carpet Removal Sydney went out of their way to help me so much as I wasn’t able to move a lot of the furniture myself as my back isn’t great. I also saved over $400 getting the carpet removed by these guys! Would recommend, thanks again!”

Andy Jones, Property Investor
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #13)

“I attempted a carpet removal job my self in my new office only to realise the job was commercially glued down, needless to say as a I.T nerd i had absolutely no chance of removing it haha. I thought i would give a few companys a call to request a quote on how much the removal process would cost… and my god i was shocked at the overwhelming expense of how much commercial carpet removal costs… I was so relieved though when i stumbled across Carpet Removal Sydney (One of my co-workers recently had their team out to remove carpet in a new house they purchased) and was relieved when i finally found a company that was willing to do it for a fair price. I was a little concerned at the start due to their price being so much lower than all of their competitors, but my co-worker re assured me that they had an amazing team. I was quite relieved when the whole process was over and they had done such an amazing job for almost a third of their competitors prices. Thanks again lads! If you ever need a computer fixed hit me up! ”

Peter Stevensons, Home Owner
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #11)
“Very impressed with your team members high quality work. You all arrived on time, you did an amazing job finish the removal process and installation process without damaging anything. (My last two experiences with carpet layers from carpet court they both damaged the skirting boards and a piece of furniture) So thanks for giving me faith again that a job can be completed without my property being damaged. And thanks to your team for helping me in such short notice due to my unit having flood damage! Really appreciate everything that you did for me!”
Sasha Smith, Northern Beaches Resident
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #3)

“The boys at Carpet Removal Sydney also did an absolutely amazing job with the removal as well as the installation of my carpet as well after it was flooded by my dishwasher overnight. Called them up at 6 pm, they were also there the next day and completed the take up the same day! Really happy with the result.”

Hannah Stevenson's, New Home Owner
“He has great product knowledge and took the time to thoroughly explain the differences of each carpet in a simple way. He has a very personable manner and is very friendly and polite. He explained the process well provided a competitive quote. He was flexible with the install date (as I had some other trades finishing off work before the carpet could be installed) and worked with me to secure a date that suited both parties. I had an issue with the underlay requirements due to strata laws and Declan was very helpful in helping me source the correct underlay to meet strata requirements. I believe he went over and above his role to assist me. The floors are amazing! I’m extremely happy with the choice and the whole process. Thank you Declan. I hope Carpet Removal Sydney realise what an asset you are to their team. ”
Levi Edwards, Home Owner
Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #6)

“I had absolutely no idea what to do when we had a pipe burst in our property, but thankfully Carpet Removal Sydney had a 24-hour emergency assistance team that did an absolutely amazing job with the removal of the carpet that had been completely soaked, called them up at 2 am on a Tuesday and they were here within 30minutes. Couldn’t be happier with their services!”

Sarah Hadley, Sydney Resident

“Excellent service from the team at Carpet Removal Sydney. Will definitely use their services again, was absolutely amazed at how much money I saved going through Carpet Removal Sydney instead of going through Carpet Court.”

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Carpet Removal Sydney (Testimonial #10)

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