The First Step To Removing Epoxy Is Figuring Out How Tough Your Job Will Be

This is a short list to help you figure out how tough your job will be and if it’s a wise idea to take it on yourself or hire professional help from a specialist at Dust-Free Removing Epoxy Sydney

– Check the thickness of the epoxy being removed from the concrete, on average it will be (1 – 6mm usually)

– Check the size of your job in square metres so that you can calculate how long the long will take, how many grinders you need and how many diamonds you need will use.

– When Removing Epoxy From Concrete check if multiple layers of epoxy were possibly applied on top of each other that may need to be removed.

– Check the access to the job site, as this will determine what size Concrete Grinder you can get into the job site, as well as if you will potentially need additional labourers to lift the heavy machines up things like stairs.

– Check If there is power on-site, what level of power is available, if there is power on different circuits and if it will reach your equipment. Otherwise, a generator will need to be hired

– Do you own the equipment required for Removing Epoxy From Concrete? if not it will be expensive to hire, Epoxy Removal is slowly making renting concrete grinders and dust extractors “per day or per hour” not the appropriate way to take on such a project. It will also be very labour intensive and untrained people may injure themselves or fail the work as regular Concrete Grinding is a lot more straightforward than Removing Epoxy From Concrete.

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The Second Step To Removing Epoxy Is Having The Right Equipment

This is a short list of equipment you would require for Remove Epoxy From Concrete for smaller-sized jobs. For jobs of larger sizes, you would want to hire or purchase larger Concrete Grinders (Or more of them! and purchase a lot more diamonds! with a lot more labourers to operate the equipment)

1. Walk Behind Concrete Grinder (Plugged into a Large Commercial Dust Extractor M CLASS)
2. Hand Held Concrete Grinder (Plugged into a Small Commercial Dust Extractor M CLASS)
Corner Grinder Tool
4. Long Power Lead Safety Approved Power Cable (x4)
5. Dust Collection Bags For Your Dust Extractors
6. Turbo Diamonds (walk) (x3)
7. PCD Diamonds (walk) (x3)
8. #16 Grit Diamonds (hand) (x3)
9. #16 Grit Diamonds (corner) (x3)
– It should be noted you may need more or fewer diamonds for your job depending on how many square metres need to be removed and how thick the layer is. (But this is a safe number to start with for a small job)

The problem with Rooftop Waterproofing Removal, Waterproofing Membrane Removal, Stencil Concrete Removal and Removing Epoxy From Concrete is a lot more complex than most other Concrete Grinding tasks. As they are all extremely slow grind from concrete, if you are hiring the equipment and paying per day and only have one Concrete Grinder or a smaller concrete grinder, the job can be slow, labour-intensive and extremely expensive.

This is why it’s often best to just leave it up to the professionals over at Dust-Free Epoxy Floor Removal Sydney

The Third Step For Removing Epoxy Is Having The Correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)PPE (Carpet Removal Sydney)

High-quality P2 dust masks do not come cheap, silica dust is no joke and is extremely dangerous, after years of Concrete Grinding and using “P2 approved” dust masks ranging from $3 – $100 they simply just don’t work and always let dust in!

If you’re going to be Removing Epoxy From Concrete you need to protect your lungs by buying high-end and high-quality $450 P2 or HEPA dust masks.

  • P2 Dust Mask
  • Gloves
  • Hard Boots
  • Protective Eye Wear
  • Ear Plugs

The Fourth Step Is Understanding The Cost Of Removing Epoxy

Before beginning your Epoxy Removal project, I suggest calculating the cost of Removing Epoxy From Concrete to understand if it’s worth taking on the task yourself or hiring a Dust-Free Epoxy Removal specialist team with years of experience like ourselves to take on your project. It’s often too expensive for people to hire the equipment required to Remove Epoxy as well as to attempt the risk of paying the costs of hiring the equipment and starting the job only to realise they are not capable of doing it. This is the most common reason we get called in to take over Removing Epoxy From Concrete projects throughout Sydney.

What does a professional charge for Removing Epoxy From Concrete

– Removing Epoxy From Concrete Flat Surfaces = $10 – $60 / Per Square Metre
– Removing Epoxy From Concrete Skirtings = $10 – $60 / Per Metre
– If you have a very small job you may only be facing our “Minimum Job Charge” for Removing Epoxy From Concrete

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The Fifth Step Is Understanding The Cost Of Removing Epoxy From Your Stairs

Removing Epoxy From steps on average will cost $40$70 / Per Step*, although Extra long steps may be charged Per Lineal Metre instead*

$40 – $70 Per Step*

Small Step = $40 / Per Step*
Medium Step = $55 / Per Step*
Large Step =  $70 / Per Step*

Removing Epoxy From landings on average will cost $90$120 / Per Landing*

$90 – $120 Per Landing*

Small Landing = $90 / Per Landing*
Medium Landing = $105 / Per Landing*
Large Landing = $120 / Per Landing*

These prices may vary depending on a large range of factors though, so please only use this as a general guide.

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 Step Is Understanding The Dangers Of Removing Epoxy

Concrete Grinding Sydney (Dust-Free)

Removing Epoxy From Concrete is dangerous due to silica dust that is released from grinding the concrete, Luckily we have high-powered commercial dust extractors that suck up a large amount of the silica dust, but unfortunately, it’s impossible to capture it all.

In our workplace, we hang a “Silica Dust Warning Sign” to let our clients know that it is not safe to enter this working area while we are Dust-Free Concrete Grinding without wearing the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that our employees are wearing. Even though we are using high-powered dust extractors made to handle the silica dust that our Dust-Free Concrete Grinder is producing, small amounts may still escape from our Dust-Free Concrete Grinder and enter the air. This is why our employees wear P2 dust masks.

Please do not ever attempt to enter the workspace without a P2 dust mask while our employees are Dust-Free Concrete Grinding during your job. Your cooperating is greatly appreciated.
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Some dust particles can be so small that they are not visible; these are referred to as respirable particles. Respirable silica dust particles are those that are small enough to breathe in and penetrate deep into the lungs causing permanent damage that can lead to serious illness or death. Silica dust is also linked to the development of auto-immune disorders and chronic renal (kidney) disease.

Crystalline silica dust can be harmful when it’s inhaled into your lungs over a long period of time at low to moderate levels, or short periods at high levels.

When crystalline silica dust is inhaled it can cause silicosis, a scarring of the lungs. Silicosis is a serious and incurable disease, with symptoms including shortness of breath, coughing, fatigue and weight loss. In severe cases, the damage caused to the lungs by silicosis can require a lung transplant or may lead to death. Silica dust is harmful when inhaled into your lungs. As it is 100 times smaller than a grain of sand, you can be breathing it in without knowing.

Breathing in silica dust can also cause other serious diseases, such as:

– Lung Cancer
– Kidney Disease
– Autoimmune Disease, such as Scleroderma

Construction and demolition employees can be at risk of developing these diseases.

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