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How Much Does Removing Epoxy Garage Coatings Cost?

$10 – $60 Per Square Metre*

Dust-Free Removing Epoxy Garage Coatings cost can vary quite a lot depending on how many layers of Epoxy have been applied. The thickness of the Epoxy Garage Coating that we are removing will also be a deciding factor on the price, please view our list below for other deciding factors on the cost of Removing Epoxy Garage Coatings

– How many layers of epoxy have been applied to the concrete
– How many square meters of epoxy needs to be removed

– How thick the layer of epoxy is
– If any epoxy needs to be removed from skirtings
– If any epoxy needs to be removed from stairs

Epoxy floors with a 0 – 2 mm thickness are fairly easy to remove ($10 – $30 / Per Square Metre)

While epoxy floors with a 3 – 6 mm + thickness are very hard to remove ($40 – $60 / Per Square Metre)

The cost can also vary quite a lot from company to company regarding the cost of Removing Epoxy Garage Coatings, here at Epoxy Coating Removal Sydney we guarantee that we’ll always have the lowest Dust-Free Epoxy Garage Coating Removal prices in Sydney. We will always be upfront with the cost to Remove Epoxy, with no hidden extras.

Removing Epoxy Garage Coating Cost:
$10 – $60 per square metre*

Feel free to use our free Square Meter Calculator if you would like to calculate your Epoxy Garage Coating Removal cost.

The Cost Of Removing Epoxy Coatings

Before beginning your Removing Epoxy Garage Coating project, I suggest calculating the cost of Removing Epoxy Garage Coatings to understand if it’s worth taking on the task yourself or hiring a Dust-Free Epoxy Removal specialist team with years of experience like ourselves to take on your project. It’s often too expensive for people to hire the equipment required to Remove Epoxy as well as to attempt the risk of paying the costs of hiring the equipment and starting the job only to realise they are not capable of doing it. This is the most common reason we get called in to take over Removing Epoxy Garage Coatings projects throughout Sydney.

What does a professional charge for Removing Epoxy Garage Coatings

– Removing Epoxy Garage Coatings From Concrete Flat Surfaces = $10 – $60 / Per Square Metre
– Removing Epoxy Garage Coatings From Concrete Skirtings = $10 – $60 / Per Metre
– Removing Epoxy Garage Coatings From Stairs = $10 – $60 / Per Metre
– If you have a very small job you may only be facing our “Minimum Job Charge” for Removing Epoxy Garage Coatings

The Cost Of Removing Epoxy Coatings From Your Stairs

The cost of Removing Epoxy Coatings from your stairs on average will cost $40$70 / Per Step*, although extra-long steps may be charged Per Lineal Metre instead*

$40 – $70 Per Step*

Small Step = $40 / Per Step*
Medium Step = $55 / Per Step*
Large Step =  $70 / Per Step*

The cost of Removing Epoxy Coatings from your landings on average will cost $90$120 / Per Landing*

$90 – $120 Per Landing*

Small Landing = $90 / Per Landing*
Medium Landing = $105 / Per Landing*
Large Landing = $120 / Per Landing*

These prices may vary depending on a large range of factors though, so please only use this as a general guide.

The Cost Of Removing Epoxy Coatings On Your Skirtings

The cost of Removing Epoxy on your skirtings is $10 – $60 / Per Metre
The deciding factors on the price will be:
– The height applied of epoxy to the skirtings
– How thick the layer of epoxy on the skirtings is
– How many meters of epoxy on skirtings have been applied

Factors To Consider When Working Out The Cost To Remove Epoxy Garage Coatings

Epoxy Garage Coatings are one of the most affordable flooring solutions, considering its average lifespan. Keeping in mind that Epoxy Flooring will last longer if you look after it properly through regular cleaning, etc.

When working out what it will cost to remove Epoxy Flooring, there are a few factors to consider:

The size of the space

The expected foot traffic and equipment (and corresponding coating thickness needed)

The condition of the concrete substrate, and how much preparation and grinding it will need prior to coating

The finish desired (as some finishes will cost more)

Each of these factors will influence the cost of your Epoxy Garage Coating and need to be taken into consideration.

Calculating The Cost Of Installing A New Epoxy Garage Coating

To calculate the cost of installing a new Epoxy Floor Coating, there’s a bit of math involved. You can calculate it from:

– The thickness of the coating desired

– The dimensions of the area (length x width)

– What equipment and project consumables do you have and what you may need to hire. Project consumables will include, rollers, roller frame, roller pole, brushes, rags, a cleaner (such as acetone, unless you throw everything out), gloves, masks, and other safety equipment

– The products you intend to use; how much you need can be calculated off the manufacturer’s TDS which will advise the preparation method and how thick the coating needs to be. You can then work out how many litres will be required

– Your labour and time (yes, a cost needs to be placed on your time and efforts)

– Travel time and cost to pick up what you require along with consultation time with your suppliers. Keep in mind that it is unlikely you will get ALL of your materials from one supplier

This will tell you how much epoxy is needed, and then it can be priced from there. We found a handy online calculator to give you a guide, but don’t forget that you need to account for floor preparation and additional features, including additives and specialised finishes (like flake, patterned, or metallic).

The industry specification has cost per square metre. However, you will also need to work out the cost of hiring a suitable diamond grinder.

While DIY epoxy flooring tutorials may seem simple enough online, in reality, getting the job done right — without any professional help — is extremely difficult. Unfortunately, if your DIY epoxy flooring is done incorrectly, you could expect to need to recoat your floor annually — which can end up costing more in the long run.

Epoxy Garage Coatings and Styles

What are the different types of Epoxy Garage Coatings and Styles? 

– Epoxy Flake Chips
– Vinyl Flake Chips
– Acrylic Flake Chips
– Metallic Flake Chips

– Partial Flake Coating
– Full Flake Coating
– Seamless Flake Coating

– Over 15 Different Colour Options

– Polyaspartic Coating
– Epoxy Primer
– Epoxy Base Coating
– Polyurethane Sealer
– High Gloss Polyurethane Coating

– Epoxy Crack Paste Repairs
– Epoxy Crack Injection Repairs

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