COVID-19: Still Serving

Carpet Removal Sydney Is Covid Safe

COVID-19: We are back OPEN as of (31/07/2021)
We Will Be Following “Strict Government COVID-19 Guidelines & Safety Plans will be on-site” for the safety of our staff, public and our valued customers.


COVID-19 UPDATE (31/07/2021)

– These low-risk construction sites must have “COVID Safety Plans” in place “on-site”, compliance will be strictly enforced.

– Work has re opened to work sites where people are NOT living in the home being worked on.

– Works in occupied premises including residential homes can also resume from (31/07/2021) where there is zero contact between workers and residents. There will be a limit of up to two workers (2) for indoor services and five workers (5) for outdoor services, and works will only be possible where it is feasible for residents to vacate the area. If contactless arrangements are not possible, work cannot go ahead.

– As part of our the governments plan to reopen construction, worksites will be able to operate on Sundays and public holidays for the remainder of the year, up until Christmas, to make up for any time and income lost.

Unfortunately Work will NOT be able to resume in the following local government areas also known as (LGA’s):
– Fairfield
– Blacktown
– Cumberland
– Campbelltown
– Canterbury-Bankstown
– Liverpool
– Parramatta
– Georges River
Construction Resumed 31-07-2021



COVID-19 UPDATE (17/07/2021)

All non urgent bookings cannot be accepted and we are currently CLOSED unless you meet any of the criteria listed in ORANGE.

If you think your job may meet any of the criteria listed in ORANGE give one of our friendly staff members a Call and we will check to see if your job can proceed while we are closed due to the lockdown.

– Carrying out of repairs or maintenance at an unoccupied place of residence if it is necessary for the sale or lease of the place of residence. (For example: most of our services can proceed in a “unoccupied place of residence if it is necessary for the sale or lease of the place of residence”).

– Repairs that are considered urgent for the households health, safety or security of the premise or members of the household.

– Emergency repairs that are needed to prevent severe structural damage such as removal of waterproofing membranes that need to be re applied urgently for repairs.

– Emergency repairs that cannot be held off due to health and safety of the household, structure or members of the household.


Public Health Order 2

Public Health Order 1

Through the COVID-19 epidemic, our employees will continue to work in a safe and healthy environment that includes proper sanitation, hand washing, proper use of facemasks and PPE when appropriate as well as social distancing practices. In line with national work, health and safety requirements and the current health and safety obligations to meet COVID-19 working requirements, Carpet Removal Sydney, commits to operating in accordance with the proper precautions and procedures, recommended by the government of New South Wales, to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

The health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. The following precautionary measures are being implemented on all work sites:

Ensuring the Government’s social distancing criteria are met at all times by:
• Limiting access to any building site to essential workers involved in activity on the given day
• Applying the 1 person per 4 square metre rule for demolition work being undertaken in enclosed and/or internal spaces
• Limiting any external visitors or third parties to be by exception and appointment only and when no one else is on site apart from workers and our site supervisors.

Ensure the Government’s self-isolation rules are met at all times by:
• Contacting the home owner prior to each working day to confirm that no person in the home is required to self-isolate
• Keeping any person displaying cold, flu or similar symptoms away from sites until the symptoms have passed or a negative test is provided to the site supervisor
• Enforcing the 14 day self-isolation policy for anyone returning from overseas or interstate immediately
• Keeping any person who has been in close contact and required to self-isolate away from the site

Managing the customer (when homeowner remains on-site) by:
• Providing the homeowner with an outline of all COVID-19 site safety measures that will be implemented on site and providing updates on any changes
• Communicating with homeowners, using phone or electronic means, for decisions affecting building contract conditions or work scheduling

Isolating all demolition work areas from non-demolition work areas by:
• Providing all necessary clear work zones and work stations for dedicated tasks
• Providing physical separation and barriers between demolition work and non-demolition work areas
• Carrying out as many tasks as possible external to the building (with appropriate noise control and safety measures)

Ensure workers have access to appropriate PPE by:
• Providing all workers with access to personal protective equipment including clothing, gloves, masks and eye protection appropriate to the work they are performing on site
• Ensuring all contractors entering the site have their own personal protective equipment

Ensure adequate hygiene and safety facilities are provided on site for all workers by:
• Providing adequate cleaning products and facilities for all people on site
• Implementing regular hand washing for all workers
• Regularly cleaning and disinfecting of any equipment and/or tools
• Minimise dust, waste build up and removal of waste to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for homeowners while work is carried out

Facilitate contactless payments and managing operation times by:
• Going contactless as far as payments and paperwork
• Maintaining work site operation times that coincide with when home owners are off-site (where possible)

Managing project scheduling to minimise overlaps and numbers of people on site by:
• Implementing a ‘no more than 6 workers on site rule’
• Scheduling sub-trades and work to minimise people on site and have designated work zones away from other workers performing different tasks
• Maintaining a daily record of all persons on site
• Supporting workers to travel alone in company or private vehicles to and from site

Infection Control Training Covid 19
covid 19 please always stay 1 5 metres apart poster
covid 19 please always stay 1 5 metres apart poster
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