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DMCA – Takedown Request Explained

DCMA – Takedown Request Explained - Sydney, NSW, Australia

What Is A DMCA Takedown Request?

The DMCA notice and takedown process is a tool for copyright holders to get user-uploaded material that infringes their copyrights taken down off other websites.

A DMCA takedown notice is a notice issued by a copyright owner or a nominated agent acting on their behalf, notifying an individual, website, organisation, etc, of an allegation of copyright infringement under the “safe harbour provisions”. Takedown notices are generally used for websites and online content, where the material can be “taken down”. Different processes are used for other formats.

If you find infringing copies of your work on a website, you may notify the website with a DMCA takedown notice. The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) sets out a process for copyright holders to send an official notice requesting the service provider remove the infringing material.

Why Do We Submit DMCA Takedown Requests?

At Carpet Removal Sydney, we have over 1,900 pages on our website. We take pride in educating our clients, and we have spent thousands of hours working on our content. We have more content on our website than any other website in the world in the same industry, and this often leads to content theft. This is why we take copyrighted content so seriously and submit DMCA takedown requests.

How Does The DMCA Takedown Request System Work?

The process entails the copyright owner (or the owner’s agent) sending a DMCA takedown notice to a service provider requesting the provider to remove material that is infringing their copyright(s). A service provider can be an internet service provider (e.g., Telstra), website operator (e.g., eBay), search engine (e.g., Google), web host (e.g., GoDaddy), or other type of online site operator.

To do a DMCA takedown request through Google for free, simply do the following:
Contact Google’s DMCA legal team to report the copyrighted content. You need to select the category: ‘web search’. Then, choose the appropriate options in your case. Then, you should decide on the Google Product, give the reason for submitting the DMCA Notice, and confirm that you are the owner of the copyright.

Report Content On Google
– Report Content for Legal Reasons
– You can also contact the website’s hosting provider directly to request a DMCA takedown.

The Steps In The DMCA Takedown Request Process

STEP 1) Contact the person/website directly

The first step you should start with should be to email, call, text, or attempt to make contact with the website/person who has stolen copyrighted content to request they remove it. Giving them 48 hours’ notice to do so.

STEP 2) Contact the website’s hosting service

If you do not hear back from the website owner, your next step is to contact the domain host, which is hosting the website. You can find the host by using a site such as Once you have identified their contact information, you should send an email to the domain host of the website owner who has stolen your copyrighted content. You must explain exactly what has been copied and request that the page or website be taken down. You will need to attach any relevant evidence. 

STEP 3) Report the page to Search Engines

If the copied content or site is ranking in search engines, you can file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint against the copied site. You can submit removal requests to Google and Bing, asking for the site to be removed from their indexes. This will not remove the site from the internet but will stop it from being listed in the rankings/google, which will make it no longer publicly visible.

STEP 4) Hide Content On Google
Furthermore, if the website owner or hosting service has already taken the content down, but it is still ranking, you can submit requests to search engines to remove outdated content that has already been modified or removed from the web. 

STEP 5) Take Legal Action

If you haven’t had a response from the website owner, hosting company, or Google and have not been able to get the content removed from search engines, you may wish to take legal action. This should begin with a lawyer sending a cease and desist letter to the website owner and, if necessary, sending a letter to the website hosts. Escalating the issue to a lawsuit should be a last resort, as it can be costly.

What Do Our Terms And Conditions State Regarding Copyright Issues?

DMCA Take Down Requests – Content Theft

– Failure to take down all copyrighted content that has been stolen from our website will result in a DMCA takedown request being sent to the hosting provider of your website, as well as submitting a DMCA takedown request to Google’s legal team. This will result in your website being taken down and switched offline by your hosting provider or google until the content has been deleted.

– Legal action will be taken against you if you fail to take down all copyrighted content from your website that has been stolen from our website. This includes, but is not limited to, Google’s free legal team, as well as our solicitors taking action.

– We will give you 48 hours’ notice by email, text, or phone call before sending the DMCA take-down request to give you time to delete all copyrighted content.

– All contents of Carpet Removal Sydney’s websites are Copyright © 2024 Carpet Removal Sydney. All rights reserved.

Trademarks and copyrights

– Trademarks, service marks, logos, and copyrighted works appearing on this website are the property of Carpet Removal Sydney or the party that provided the trademarks, service marks, logos, and copyrighted works to Carpet Removal Sydney. Carpet Removal Sydney and any party that provided trademarks, service marks, logos, and copyrighted works to Carpet Removal Sydney retain all rights with respect to any of their respective trademarks, service marks, logos, and copyrighted works appearing on this site.

– All contents of Carpet Removal Sydney’s websites are Copyright © 2024 Carpet Removal Sydney. All rights reserved.

Personal and non-commercial use limitations

– This website is for your personal and non-commercial use unless otherwise specified. You may not use this website for any other purpose, including any commercial purpose, without Carpet Removal Sydney’s express prior written consent. You may not modify, copy, distribute, display, send, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, content, software, products, or services obtained from or otherwise connected to this website.

Proprietary information and content theft

– The material and content accessible from this website and any other website owned, operated, licensed, or otherwise controlled by Carpet Removal Sydney (the “Content”) is the proprietary information of Carpet Removal Sydney or the party that provided or licensed the Content to Carpet Removal Sydney, whereby such providing party retains all right, title, and interest in the Content.

All content, but not limited to:
– Pages on the website
– Terms and Conditions
– Images on the website
– All text on the website
– All content on the website

– Accordingly, the Content may not be copied, distributed, republished, uploaded, posted, or transmitted in any way without the prior written consent of Carpet Removal Sydney, except that you may print out a copy of the Content solely for your personal use. In doing so, you may not remove or alter, or cause to be removed or altered, any copyright, trademark, trade name, service mark, or any other proprietary notice or legend appearing on any of the Content.

– Modification or use of the Content except as expressly provided in these Terms of Use violates Carpet Removal Sydney’s intellectual property rights. Neither title nor intellectual property rights are transferred to you by access to this site.

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