Work For Us – Concrete Grinding Specialist

Concrete Grinding Specialist (Supervisor)

Sydney, NSW, Australia (Service Range Is Within 45KM Of Sydney)
We Pay For Your Petrol / Tolls (On Jobs That Are Over 30KM From Your Home)

$30 / Per Hour (During Trial)
$37.50 / Per Hour (After Trial)

2 – 7 Shifts Per Week Available (Monday – Sunday)
As It Gets Closer To The End Of The Year A Lot More Shifts Will Be Available

Mostly 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
(Although Sometimes We Do After Hours Work)

– Full Australian Drivers License
– White Card
– Your Own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

– Your Own Work Vehicle (Ute Or Truck As You Will Need To Transport Tools, Equipment & Waste Disposal)
– 1 Year Experience Minimum With Concrete Grinding / Operating Concrete Grinders (Hand-Held & Walk Behind) While Removing A Different Range Of Materials.
– Strongly English Skills To Avoid Communication Issues With The Client & Team
– No Tools Required, Everything Besides Work Vehicle and PPE Will Be Provided

What Does This Job Involve?:
– Concrete Grinding With A Hand Held Concrete Grinder (up to 3mm off a slab)
– Concrete Grinding With A Walk Behind Concrete Grinder (up to 3mm off a slab)
– Concrete Grinding (3MM MAX)
– Concrete Polishing
Wall Grinding

Hand Grinding
– Carpet Glue Removal
– Vinyl Glue Removal
– Tile Glue Removal
– Tile Cement Removal
– Magnesite Residue Removal
– Spraycrete Removal
– Waterproofing Membrane Removal
– Epoxy Flooring Removal
– Residue Removal
– Adhesive Removal
– Paint Removal
– Spray Paint Removal
– Graffiti Removal
– Concrete Sealer Removal
Rubber Floor Tile Glue Removal

MDF Glue Removal
Astro Turf Glue Removal
Lino Glue Removal
Slate Glue Removal
Slate Cement Removal
Pebblecrete Glue Removal
Pebblecrete Cement Removal
Parquet Glue Removal
Floorboard Glue Removal
Laminate Glue Removal
Cork Glue Removal
Masonite Glue Removal
Glue Removal
– Disposal Of Waste
– Operating Dust Extraction Equipment

What Equipment Will You Be Using?:
Magnesite Flooring Removal & Concrete Grinding (With Dust Extraction Equipment) Concrete Grinding Equipment Used By Carpet Removal Sydney

Interested In Joining Our Team?

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