Magnesite Flooring Removal – Who Pays?

Your STRATA is liable to pay for all Concrete Cancer Repairs it’s never worth putting yourselfyour unit, and the unit block at risk when you can get the issue dealt with before the Concrete Cancer gets worse and before it affects your Flooring System and unit blocks structure.

As of 2024, The Following Rules Apply:
– If Your Strata Have NOT Changed The By-Law They Are Liable To Pay For:
– Magnesite Flooring Removal
– Concrete Grinding
– Disposal of all Waste
– Concrete Cancer Repairs

– If Your Strata HAS Already Changed The By-Laws They Are Only Liable To Pay For:
– Concrete Cancer Repairs

– It should be noted that it is always the customer’s responsibility to pay for Floor Levelling as well as the removal of any flooring systems above the magnesite such as carpet.

Magnesite Flooring is “Common Property” so is your concrete subfloor. Your Strata is required by law in NSW to pay for the removal of your Magnesite UNLESS the By-Law has been changed.

As of 2024, it seems it’s becoming more and more common for strata committees to update their bylaws so that they no longer have to pay for the magnesite removal and concrete grinding, especially the ones struggling with money (although they are still liable for any concrete cancer repairs). The majority though still cover magnesite removal, so make sure to check your strata’s bylaws!

It is not uncommon for a strata committee to try to bully a property owner (especially a new one who is not familiar with strata laws) out of having their Magnesite Removed. Strata committees often bully clients into installing new flooring systems over magnesite flooring.

Often lying and saying that it is in:
– Fine condition
– Does not need to be removed
– Safe to have a new flooring system installed on
– All of the above factors are simply not true

Although when this happens, the flooring system fails, strata will not be paying for the removal, re-purchase, and re-installation of your new flooring system! So be careful not to get bullied or scammed into thinking that it is safe to leave your Magnesite subfloor down before installing a new flooring system.

The cost to repair any concrete cancer is always your strata committee’s responsibility. To cover the costs of the remediation, special levies may be called in if your strata fund currently does not have enough money for major repairs (Such as Concrete Cancer Repairs)

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