Work For Us – Operations Manager – (Senior Position)

Operations Manager – (Senior Position)

Sydney, NSW, Australia (Service Range Is Within 100KM Of Sydney CBD)

$45 / Per Hour

NOTE #1: If a job gets “Cancelled, on arrival or after 10-20 minutes of work, you will still be paid a FULL days salary (8x $42.50 = $340, this often happens, which is why we have it in our terms and conditions to protect our company as well as our labourers salary for the day)

NOTE #2: If a job gets “completed” within a short period of time (for example it’s a small job), that only requires 1-hour work, or if you complete the work with the team within 2 hours instead of 8, you will still be paid a full days wage.

5 – 7 Days Per Week Available (Monday – Sunday)
Must Be Able To Work At Least 5 Days A Week (Monday – Friday) / Weekend Work Optional

Mostly : 8:30AM – 3:30 PM
(Although Sometimes We Do After Hours Work)

– Full Australian Drivers License
– White Card
– Your Own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) – (Although we do supply a P3 $450 DUST MASK) To Our High Level Employee’s

– Your Own Work Vehicle (Ute Or Truck As You Will Need To Transport Tools, Equipment & Our Waste Disposal)
– 1 Year Experience Minimum With Demolition Work / Removing Flooring Systems
– 1 Year Experience Minimum With Concrete Grinding Work
– Strong Leadership Skills And Able To Control, Lead, Supervis A Team On Projects To Ensure Safety Procedures Are Met, Jobs Are Being Efficiently Completely On TIme While Making Profit.
– Able To Build “Spreadsheets” Or “Work Out The Numbers” To Make Sure We Are Always Making Profit On Every Job ETC
– Planning & Preparation Of Large Commercial Jobs Including Site Inspections And Pre Planning Of How We May Approach The Job, How We May Do It, What Equipment We May Use, And How Much To Charge The Customer (While Still Making Profit)
– Should Have A Strong Understanding Of The “Flooring Removal & Concrete Grinding” Industry
– Should Have a Strong Understand Of Tools As We Use Dust Extractors, Concrete Grinders, Jackhammers, ETC
– Strongly English Skills To Avoid Communication Issues With The Client & Team And Company
– Work Vehicle & Your Own Work Clothes (Steel Cap Boots, Hi VIS Long Shirt is Preferred, Long Pants, ETC)

– Everything Besides Work Vehicle And Normal PPE Will Be Provided For You
– No Tools Required, High-Grade P3 Dust Mask ($450 Dust Mask) Will Be Provided For You

What Does This Job Involve?:
– We Take All Waste To “Disposal Of Waste Centres“, You Will Be Given A Spreadsheet, Of The Local Ones Closest To Each Job, So When You Do A Job, You Pre-Look At The Spreadsheet And Plan Which One You Will Go To.
– If Its Too Far
– Or The Waste Disposal Is Too Large, We Order A Skip Bin Instead

Flooring Removal Services –
– Tile Flooring Removal
– Magnesite Flooring Removal
– Slate Flooring Removal
– Pebblecrete Removal
– Parquet Flooring Removal
– Floorboard Removal
– Bamboo Flooring Removal
– Laminate Flooring Removal
– Astro Turf Removal
– Vinyl Flooring Removal
– Lino Flooring Removal
– Marmoleum Removal
– Paver Removal
– Rubber Floor Tile Removal
– Skirting Board Removal
– Chipboard Flooring Removal
– Cork Flooring Removal
– Masonite Flooring Removal
– MDF Flooring Removal
– Carpet Removal (Residential)
– Carpet Removal (Commercial)
– Carpet Removal (From Stairs)
– Carpet Tile Removal
– Floor Levelling
– Commercial Flooring Removal
– Commercial Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding Services –
– Concrete Grinding (3MM MAX)
– Concrete Bump Removal (8MM MAX)
– Coating Removal (6MM MAX)
– Stencil Concrete Removal
– Stamped Concrete Removal
– Waterproofing Membrane Removal
– Rooftop Waterproofing Membrane Removal
– Epoxy Flooring Removal
– Paint On Concrete Removal
– Concrete Polishing
– Wall Grinding
– Hand Grinding
– Spray Paint Removal
– Concrete Stencils Removal
– Stamped concrete Removal
– Spray Pave Removal
– Concrete Stenciling Removal
– Spray on paving Removal
– Stencilcrete Removal
– Spraycrete Removal
– Spray-On Paving Removal
– Spray Paint Stencil Removal
– Carpet Glue Residue Removals
– Vinyl Glue Residue Removal
– Tile Glue Residue Removal
– Tile Cement Residue Removal
– Magnesite Residue Removal
– Residue Removal
– Adhesive Removal
– Glue Removal
– Graffiti Removal
– Concrete Sealer Removal
– Rubber Floor Tile Glue Removal
– MDF Glue Removal
– Astro Turf Glue Removal
– Lino Glue Removal
– Slate Glue Removal
– Slate Cement Removal
– Pebblecrete Glue Removal
– Pebblecrete Cement Removal
– Parquet Glue Removal
– Floorboard Glue Removal
– Laminate Glue Removal
– Cork Glue Removal
– Masonite Glue Removal
– MDF Glue Removal
– Chipboard Glue Removal

Services That We “Sub Contract” To Other Companies –
– Carpet Installation
– Carpet Disposal
– Free Concrete Cancer (Inspections)
– Concrete Cancer Repairs
– Concrete Crack Repairs

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