Work For Us – Flooring Removal Assistant (Labourer)

Flooring Removal Labourer (Assistant)

Sydney, NSW, Australia (Service Range Is Within 100KM Of Sydney CBD)

$35 – $40 / Per Hour (Depending On Your Skills & Quality Of Your Work)
NOTE: If a job gets “Cancelled, on arrival, even after just one hour of work ETC, you will still be paid a FULL days salary (8x $35 = $280, this often happens, which is why we have it in our terms and conditions to protect our company as well as our labourers salary for the day)

3 – 7 Days Per Week Available (Monday – Sunday)
Must Be Able To Work At Least 1 Days A Week (Monday – Sunday)

Mostly : 8:30AM – 3:30 PM
(Although Sometimes We Do After Hours Work)

– White Card
– Your Own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
– 1 Year Experience Minimum Using A Large Jackhammer (We Use HILTI-TE 2000 AVR)
– 1 Year Experience Minimum With Removing Flooring Systems
– 1 Year Experience Minimum With Using A Small And Large Concrete Grinder
– 1 Year Experience Minimum With Using A Hand Grinder
– Understanding and knowledge on how to use and connect a dust extractor to tools.
– Strongly English Skills To Avoid Communication Issues With The Client, Team, And Company

– Work Vehicle Preferred & Your Own Work Clothes (Steel Cap Boots, Hi VIS Long Shirt is Preferred, Long Pants, ETC)
– Everything Besides Work Vehicle And Normal PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Will Be Provided For You
– No Tools Required (We Have The Best Tools In The Market) And A High-Grade Dust Masks That Will Be Provided For You, For Your Safety.

What Does This Job Involve?:
– We Take All Waste To “Disposal Of Waste Centres“, You Will Be Given A Spreadsheet, Of The Local Ones Closest To Each Job, So When You Do A Job, You Pre-Look At The Spreadsheet And Plan Which One You Will Go To.
– If Its Too Far
– Or The Waste Disposal Is Too Large, We Order A Skip Bin Instead

Flooring Removal Services –
– Tile Flooring Removal
– Magnesite Flooring Removal
– Slate Flooring Removal
– Pebblecrete Removal
– Parquet Flooring Removal
– Floorboard Removal
– Bamboo Flooring Removal
– Laminate Flooring Removal
– Astro Turf Removal
– Vinyl Flooring Removal
– Lino Flooring Removal
– Marmoleum Removal
– Paver Removal
– Rubber Floor Tile Removal
– Skirting Board Removal
– Chipboard Flooring Removal
– Cork Flooring Removal
– Masonite Flooring Removal
– MDF Flooring Removal
– Carpet Removal (Residential)
– Carpet Removal (Commercial)
– Carpet Removal (From Stairs)
– Carpet Tile Removal
– Concrete Grinding
– Commercial Flooring Removal
– Commercial Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding Services –
– Concrete Grinding (3MM MAX)
– Concrete Bump Removal (8MM MAX)
– Coating Removal (6MM MAX)
– Stencil Concrete Removal
– Stamped Concrete Removal
– Waterproofing Membrane Removal
– Rooftop Waterproofing Membrane Removal
– Epoxy Flooring Removal
– Paint On Concrete Removal
– Concrete Polishing
– Wall Grinding
– Hand Grinding
– Spray Paint Removal
– Concrete Stencils Removal
– Stamped concrete Removal
– Spray Pave Removal
– Concrete Stenciling Removal
– Spray on paving Removal
– Stencilcrete Removal
– Spraycrete Removal
– Spray-On Paving Removal
– Spray Paint Stencil Removal
– Carpet Glue Residue Removals
– Vinyl Glue Residue Removal
– Tile Glue Residue Removal
– Tile Cement Residue Removal
– Magnesite Residue Removal
– Residue Removal
– Adhesive Removal
– Glue Removal
– Graffiti Removal
– Concrete Sealer Removal
– Rubber Floor Tile Glue Removal
– MDF Glue Removal
– Astro Turf Glue Removal
– Lino Glue Removal
– Slate Glue Removal
– Slate Cement Removal
– Pebblecrete Glue Removal
– Pebblecrete Cement Removal
– Parquet Glue Removal
– Floorboard Glue Removal
– Laminate Glue Removal
– Cork Glue Removal
– Masonite Glue Removal
– MDF Glue Removal
– Chipboard Glue Removal
– Disposal Of Dust Bags

Services That We “Sub Contract” To Other Companies –
– Carpet Installation
– Carpet Disposal
– Free Concrete Cancer (Inspections)
– Concrete Cancer Repairs
– Concrete Crack Repairs
– Floor Levelling

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