Work For Us – Concrete Polishing Specialist

Concrete Polishing Specialist (Supervisor)

Sydney, NSW, Australia (Service Range Is Within 45KM Of Sydney)
We Pay For Your Petrol / Tolls (On Jobs That Are Over 30KM From Your Home)

$30 / Per Hour (During Trial)
$37.50 / Per Hour (After Trial)
High Pay Contract Work Also Available – (If Your Able To Train An Employee) – Please Call:
0424 408 330 For More Information

2 – 7 Shifts Per Week Available (Monday – Sunday)
As It Gets Closer To The End Of The Year A Lot More Shifts Will Be Available

Mostly 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
(Although Sometimes We Do After Hours Work)

– Full Australian Drivers License
– White Card
– Your Own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

– Your Own Work Vehicle (Ute Or Truck As You Will Need To Transport Tools, Equipment & Waste Disposal)
– 3 Years Experience Minimum With Concrete Grinding / Operating Concrete Grinders (Hand-Held & Walk Behind) While Removing A Different Range Of Materials.
– 3 Years Experience Minimum With Concrete Polishing / Operating Concrete Polishers (Hand-Held & Walk Behind) While Polishing Concrete.
– Strongly English Skills To Avoid Communication Issues With The Client & Team
– No Tools Required, Everything Besides Work Vehicle and PPE Will Be Provided

What Does This Job Involve?:
– Concrete Grinding With A Hand Held Concrete Grinder (up to 3mm off a slab)
– Concrete Grinding With A Walk Behind Concrete Grinder (up to 3mm off a slab)
– Concrete Polishing With A Hand-Held Concrete Polisher
– Concrete Polishing With A Walk Behind Concrete Polisher
– Removal Of Carpet Glue
– Removal Of Vinyl Glue
– Removal Of Tile Adhesive
– Removal Of Magnesite Residue
– Removal Of Waterproofing Membrane
– Removal Of Epoxy
– Removal Of Adhesives & Residues
– Removal Of Paints
– Removal Of Sealers
– Disposal Of Waste
– Operating Dust Extraction Equipment

What Does This Job Involve?:
– Concrete Polishing (Residential)
– Concrete Polishing (Commercial)
– Concrete Polishing (Areas 50 – 2,500 + Square Metres)

What Equipment Will You Be Using?:
Magnesite Flooring Removal & Concrete Grinding (With Dust Extraction Equipment) Concrete Grinding Equipment Used By Carpet Removal Sydney

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