Do I Need A Site Inspection?

Throughout this blog post, we will help explain to our clients whether or not you may require a site inspection prior to Carpet Removal Sydney providing you with a quote.

These Are The Reasons Why You May Require A On-Site Inspection From Our Team

 – If you cannot provide us with the details of your jobs such as:

 – How many square metres your job is (or you cannot provide us with a floor plan)

 – What service’s you require

 – What your subfloor is (concrete or wood)

– How your flooring system has been installed for example: if your tiles have been laid with (glue or cement)

– We may have to use tools to do things such as “Test grind” your concrete or jackhammer up tiles to reveal the installation method.

 – If you have adequate power (on different circuits) at your property to provide enough power on-site for ALL of our equipment to avoid the surprise cost of hiring a generator.

– To check for any access difficulties to the site (to make sure that we can get our equipment into your property safely) – for example bringing in our concrete grinders, ride-on floor strippers, large generators) up flights of stairs or simply into the property through small doors etc.

– To see how many labourers are required on-site to complete your project (as this may reduce the cost of your quote if we do not need to bring as many labourers as we think).

– To give you an accurate estimation of how long your job will take rather than just “Estimating” (Which can result in issues if you have other trades lined up to do the following work the next day)

– To see if additional equipment will need to be hired to complete your job (such as larger concrete grinders, additional dust extractors, large generators to supply power if you cannot provide us with sufficient power as agreed to in the Terms And Conditions)

– Jobs over a certain value ($10,000+) will always require a site inspection for the protection of both Carpet Removal Sydney AND our clients.
– It should be noted that there may be higher costs for a commercial site inspection.
– You may also NOT get the costs refunded to you if we have to hire equipment to do the site inspection (Such as 45KVA generators or concrete grinders or preform services on-site, etc)

 – As this will allow Carpet Removal Sydney to provide you with the most accurate quote possible with no accidental “additional” surprises or “unexpected” extra added fee’s (We base all our quotes over the phone, email or text based on the information the client has provided us if you provide us with the incorrect information (due to lack of knowledge or simply missing something or miss understanding information) there may be “Additional charges” so sometimes a site-inspection is a great way to avoid this situation!

 – We will charge you a $150 – $300 (Depending On Distance) call out fee to provide you with an on-site “Site Inspection” to provide the details required to provide you with a quote.

 – If you choose to go ahead with Carpet Removal Sydney’s services then we will “REFUND” the $150 – $300 call out fee from the site inspection for your quote.

These Are The Reasons Why We May Have To Charge You For A Site Inspection:

 – Paying the team member who did your site inspection for their time $150 – $300 (Depending On Distance)

 – Paying for tolls (if there is any) to and from your job

 – Paying for petrol to get to your job and back for the site inspection

 – Paying for things such as vehicle maintenance/repairs

– Travel charges (Long Distance site inspections) – We travel up to 100KM sometimes as we are a long-distance business.

– We may have to use tools to do things such as “Test grind” your concrete which wears down our expensive concrete grinding discs or jackhammer up tiles which wear down our expensive Hilti jackhammer heads.

 – Businesses have a lot of expenses and overheads and cannot send a skilled and trained team member out to do a site inspection for you without losing money. Your understanding of this is greatly appreciated. 

It should be noted that if you choose to go ahead with Carpet Removal Sydney’s services the cost of your site inspection will be REFUNDED on your quote FREE of charge! – (EXCLUDING LARGE COMMERCIAL JOBS WHEN LABOUR + EQUIPMENT HIRE IS REQUIRED)


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