Pre-Flooring Removal Tips

Our Guide To Help Protect Your Home During Our Flooring Removal Services

1) The first step is to identify the area in which the work is going to be done. From there, you may proceed to remove household items from that particular area starting off with furniture, couches, tables, television sets, pictures, mirrors, dishwashers, refrigerators, curtains, blinds and any other personal item. This is an important step because it will help you in minimising any accidental minor damages to your items and you can even reduce the cost of your invoice by not having to pay “Furniture Moving Fee Charges

2) For the entire strip out, you can also clear the kitchen area starting with kitchen cupboards and any other item that might interfere with the work. In case it is the floor you want to be removed, you can as well clear the pantry and have the cupboards taped or covered completely using the dust sheet purchased from a store like your local Bunnings.

3) From the kitchen, you can move to the bathroom to clear it completely before the strip out job commences. In fact, you can get rid of every item in your bathroom if the entire floor is to be demolished during the strip out.

4) We do not clean areas outside of the working area (We strongly recommend to all of our clients to buy plastic sheeting to isolate areas we are not working in to avoid any dust reaching those areas)

5) We do not isolate areas with plastic for you, this is your responsibility as agreed to in the terms and conditions

6) For areas where no access is required, you can do the sheeting off or tape off the doorways.

7) Remember to switch off or cover all air conditioning units to protect them against any damage during the strip out process. At the same time, you will have to ensure that all fire and smoke alarms are either isolated or turned off before the job starts as the dust might trigger the alarms.

8) Most significantly, you should inform your neighbours of the upcoming strip out work because they would potentially get affected in one way or the other. Carpet Removal Sydney use large and extremely loud Jackhammers, concrete grinders, vacuum systems & dust extractors throughout the demolition process. We recommend that you notify your surrounding neighbours of noise emission to avoid your project getting shutdown.

9) Attached to all of our equipment are specially engineered components to control and minimise dust. Insufficient electrical power may inhibit our vacuum systems and dust-free process.

Disclaimer One

Ensure your Carpet Removal Sydney crew have free access to the work area. You must remove all furniture & appliances from your floor area & benchtops. All reasonable care will be taken but we will not be liable for damage to any items left in or around the work area.

Disclaimer Two

The condition of your concrete slab after the flooring removal process will depend on the original slab condition before the flooring was laid and how hard or soft you slab is. If you have a soft slab there may be holes/grooves and marks from removing your flooring. Any repairs to sub-floor are the responsibility of the client.

Disclaimer Three

Accidental damage in the process of removing flooring there maybe some chips to paintwork, skirting boards and kitchen kick-boards around flooring area. All Caution is taken, but some tiles do shatter & may accidentally scratch paint and skirting boards. All paint touch-ups and repairs are the responsibility of the client.

Disclaimer Four

The final condition of a timber/wooden sub-floor after flooring removal depends on: How well the flooring is stuck down and the actual condition of the subfloor. Timber subfloors will be damaged and marked by the removal of nails and glue. All care is taken during the removal process, however, marks and scratches to timber sub-floor can not be avoided in some areas. If sub-floor is pine or chipboard, there may be major damage and holes to sub-floor as a result of removing directly stuck down flooring. Any repairs required to sub-floor is the responsibility of the client.

Disclaimer Five

The client must put up some form of strong protection against any glass that our team is working nearby while removing flooring systems such as tiles. As there is a small chance that small fragments of the tiles could potentially not be sucked up by our commercial dust extraction units and cause potential damage to nearby glass that we are working near. To prevent this the client MUST put up strong temporary protection such as chipboard/masonite/plywood sheeting which can be purchased from a place like Bunnings and installed up against the glass with painters tape to protect any potential accidental damage as small fragments of tiles may chip or even shatter the glass that are not sucked up by our dust extractors that are connected to our jackhammers. This includes but is not limited too (doors, windows, sliding doors, picture frames, wall mounted TVs, lights, or anything else in your work-site that is glass that may be potentially damaged by small fragments of a shattered flooring system escaping our dust extraction units) Our team will always try as hard as we can to avoid any accidental damage at all costs. Carpet Removal Sydney is not liable for the damage by you failing to do so.

Payment Details

On arrival, your Carpet Removal Sydney team leader will ask any questions that may be relevant to completing your job effectively, confirm pricing. Payment is required at the completion of the work, ensuring you are satisfied that our workmanship and results are in accordance with our terms and conditions of trade. Please ensure you have the appropriate payments ready for collection.

Site Power

You must provide sufficient power connected for our use, or temporary site power available. Carpet Removal Sydney uses a large amount of electrical equipment. (240V) Please have as many power points available as possible, on separate circuits.

Minimal power will inhibit the safe operation of our machinery and delay job completion. If we have problems with insufficient power, waiting charges may apply until power is fixed or a generator supplied (at additional cost, which is the responsibility of the client.).

Job Access

Please be on-site to meet our team when your job commences, ensuring adequate job communication with the Carpet Removal Sydney crew on what you require from our team.

Please be on-site when work is completed to sign off that you are satisfied with the work that you have received and make the appropriate payment.

If you can not be on-site, then make sure the area is clearly marked. Leave a key if needed.

You should be contactable throughout your project, if we encounter any problems, or if we have any questions that need answering.


Please ensure you can provide parking for a Ute and trailer or a 2T tipper truck depending on the size of your job.


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