So Does Magnesite Have To Be Removed Before You Install A New Flooring System?

Yes, Magnesite must always be removed and the concrete should always be inspected for any potential Concrete Cancer that MUST be repaired for the safety of everyone in the unit block.

After the Magnesite Flooring has been removed we grind down any remaining Magnesite residue to allow us to assess if the concrete slab is safe and free from any potential Concrete Cancer Repairs required and to check if the concrete is in a usable condition. Failing to remove your Magnesite Flooring is a recipe for disaster. 

Magnesite Flooring can make things extremely difficult as it is no longer considered a suitable material to use a floor leveling compound on or install a new flooring system on. The best thing is to get your Magnesite Flooring professionally removed before replacing it with a more substantial, sturdy surface such as an Ardex coating.

It is not uncommon for a strata committee to try to bully a property owner (especially a new one who is not familiar with strata laws) out of having their Magnesite Removed. Strata committees often bully clients into installing new flooring systems over Magnesite Flooring.

Often lying and saying that it is in:
– Fine condition
– Does not need to be removed
– Safe to have a new flooring system installed on
– All of the above factors are simply not true

Although when this happens, the flooring system fails, strata will not be paying for the removal and re-purchase, and re-installation of your new flooring system! So be careful not to get bullied or scammed into thinking that it is safe to leave your Magnesite subfloor down before installing a new flooring system.

Concrete Cancer must be repaired prior to Floor Levelling and also prior to your new flooring system being installed.

These are just a few of the reasons why it’s never safe to install a new flooring system without removing the magnesite first:
– Due to manufactures guidelines you will not receive any form of warranty on your new flooring system that is being installed on top of the Magnesite Flooring.

– Due to the instability of the Magnesite Flooring, no Flooring Company or Flooring Contractor will give you any warranty on the Flooring System that they install. Most will refuse to do the job altogether.

– There is no way to see how much damage has occurred underneath the magnesite, this may massively increase the cost of repairs in the future as the issue has been ignored, which will rapidly make the issue worse and it can also become a major safety issue.

– The slab can become weakened and may need to be replaced. If the ceiling downstairs is cracking, then the upper and bottom layers of steel are rusted, and the entire slab (full thickness) may need replacing.

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