What Does Our After Work Cleaning Service Include?

What Does Our Cleaning Services Include - Carpet Removal Sydney

So What Does Our Cleaning Services Include?

In this blog post, we will go through what Carpet Removal Sydney’s free cleaning service DOES and DOES NOT include.

Carpet Removal Sydney offers a “free general cleaning service” to all of our clients after we have completed their job.

It should be noted that we use high-powered HEPA commercial dust extractors connected to our demolition and concrete grinding equipment to deliver you as close to a dust-free job as possible. Click Here To Learn More.

Our Cleaning Service DOES Include The Following Services:

1) We DO vacuum / broom your floors and try to leave the floor area that we worked in as clean as possible.

2) We DO vacuum your unit block common areas such as hallways/elevators/stairs with a commercial vacuum or our high-powered HEPA dust extractor.

3) We DO use dust extraction equipment on almost EVERY service that we provide to offer as physically close to a dust-free* experience for all of our clients free of charge!

4) We DO take all rubbish and waste with us for disposal to a waste disposal centre (Unless your job requires a skip bin) – Normally only for commercial clients or extra large jobs.

Our Cleaning Service DOES NOT Include The Following Services:

1) We DO NOT clean your roof

2) We DO NOT clean your walls

3) We DO NOT clean your blinds

4) We DO NOT clean your windows

5) We DO NOT clean your furniture

6) We DO NOT clean your possessions

7) We DO NOT clean your Lights

8) We DO NOT clean your Mirrors

11) We DO NOT isolate areas with plastic for you, this is YOUR responsibility.

12) We DO NOT cover your elevator with “curtains” for you, this is YOUR or YOUR STRATA’s responsibility.

9) We DO NOT clean areas outside of the working area
(We strongly recommend to all of our clients to buy plastic sheeting to isolate areas we are not working in to avoid any dust reaching those areas)

10) We DO NOT offer a “deep clean service”
(We strongly recommend to all of our clients have their properties professionally cleaned after our demolition services. We are a demolition company only, not a cleaning company)


Stripping floors usually produces a substantial amount of dust. Carpet Removal Sydney uses dust extraction units wherever reasonably possible and takes care to vacuum the work area after the completion of work.  Despite this, Carpet Removal Sydney cannot eliminate dust completely and it is the Customer’s responsibility to protect and clean areas, as necessary.

It should be noted that jobs that create a large amount of dust such as concrete grinding, magnesite removal, tile removal, etc, will be cleaned up by our workers (IN THE WORKING AREA).

If other areas get affected with dust that we are not working in, such as the bathroom this is up to the client to clean. Other areas that are also hard to clean such as the roof, lights, windows, walls, furniture if on-site, and mirrors are also up to the customer to clean. We are simply a removal team, not a cleaning team.

We will remove and dispose of all waste though and clean up by sweeping and vacuuming the floor we worked on. We will often just do a simple vacuum of the floor after we have removed your flooring system or have ground your floor. we are not an extensive cleaning team.

Any and ALL additional cleaning costs are the client’s responsibility and not Carpet Removal Sydney’s. It is also recommended that you isolate areas that we are not working in to stop dust from penetrating other areas.

We will always try our hardest to give our clients as close to a 99.999% Dust-Free experience as possible!
Please view our Terms And Conditions for more information regarding our cleaning services and the limits of it.


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