Can I Pick The Colour Of My Polished Concrete Floors?

Yes, If you are laying down a new concrete slab, you can choose the colour and there are plenty of aggregate colours, minerals, types, and sizes to choose from for your topping mix. This is also something that you would need to discuss with your concrete supplier.

Keep in mind that Colour mixes are generally more expensive than standard grey mixes. You are able to choose different stones and aggregates for a unique finish. The colour of the concrete can also be chosen. The number of different colours, stones, and aggregates is endless.

At Concrete Polishing Floors Sydney, we do not pour concrete, but if you have the budget for a colour mix and want a specific colour for your polished concrete, let us know and we will be happy to discuss where you can find available options around the Sydney areas.

If you already have an existing slab, as the concrete is already there the colour of your finish is 100% dependent upon the colour of the concrete mix, i.e. the aggregate within the concrete and the sand that was used in the mix. These can vary throughout the Sydney areas.

It is possible to add a colour dye to the top of your existing concrete if you don’t like the colour, but colour dyes are not UV stable, meaning that they will fade when exposed to sunlight. Because many concrete colour dyes contain solvents like acetone, applying these dyes can actually be dangerous and carries a risk of flash fire.

Concrete stains are another option that some companies add on top, but they also have disadvantages, such as the fact that they can wear off or wash off from water, and they are chemically reactive with the concrete, so the outcome can be difficult to predict. Due to how difficult it is to predict the results, at Concrete Polishing Floors, we do not offer colouring of any kind for existing slabs.

Your only real option, if you don’t like the colour or the cement and aggregate, is to put a colour dye over the top. If you are pouring a new slab you can choose the colour of your cement and the colour of your stone (aggregate) from a number of concrete suppliers.

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