Call Out Fee Explained

Throughout this blog post, we will help explain to our clients whether or not you may be required to pay a “call out fee”

These Are The Reasons Why We May Have To Charge You A Call Out Fee:

 – Paying the team member(s) who travelled to and from your job for their time $300 – $1,250 MAX.

 – Paying for tolls (if there are any) to and from your job site.

 – Paying for petrol to get to your job site and back for ALL the labourers who are travelling 30KM+ to get to your job site needs to be added as it may add several hours to their day just to reach your job site and then arrive back at there home as well as the petrol expenses to do so.

 – Paying for things such as running expenses of the vehicle/vehicle maintenance/vehicle repairs for long-distance travel work.

– Travel charges (Long Distance site inspections) – We travel up to 175KM sometimes as we are a long-distance business.

– We DO NOT charge a “Call Out Fee” just to simply attend your property, it’s ONLY for clients seeking our services that are over 30KM+ away from our office in Sydney.

– We DON’T charge extra rates for weekend work (We DON’T charge “weekend rates”, almost EVERY other business does this).

– We DON’T charge extra rates for public holidays (Almost EVERY other business charges extra for public holidays).

– We work 365 days of the year 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Almost NO other business works 365 days of the year and they normally shut by 5:00 PM).

– We DON’T charge extra rates for night work (Almost EVERY other business does and has MASSIVELY increased prices for night work).

– We are one of the ONLY businesses in NSW that does all of the above.

– Most companies that advertise that they DO NOT charge a call-out fee, are simply just adding the call-out fee cost to their rates in other areas of the quote without you knowing.

How Do We Work Out How Much To Charge You For Your Call Out Fee?

– Depending on the travel distance
– Petrol required
– How many labourers are travelling to and from your location
– How many days are required to complete your job
– The call-out fee is split between our entire team of labourers so it ends up being a very small amount split between them

– Jobs over 30KM away from Carpet Removal Sydney may have to pay a $300 call-out fee

– Jobs over 60KM away from Carpet Removal Sydney may have to pay a $550 call-out fee

– Jobs over 90KM away from Carpet Removal Sydney may have to pay a $750 call-out fee 

– Jobs over 120KM away from Carpet Removal Sydney may have to pay a $900 call-out fee 

– Jobs over 175KM away from Carpet Removal Sydney may have to pay a $1,250 call-out fee 

(Max Distance – Residential Work – 175KM)
(Max Distance – Commercial Work – 500KM)
(Depending on the size of your job, sometimes we will waive the call-out fee)

– If several labourers have to travel say 30KM for a 2-3 day job a small call-out fee turns out to be very little split between several labourers. Thank you for your understanding.

Please visit the following website for more information on Call Out Fees
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