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Residential Carpet Removal ($9/SQM)

Carpet Removal Sydney offers residential carpet removal at a time that suits you, we are happy to work around your schedule to complete the job in the time frame that you require.
Our employees are the hardest working, most professional and the best in the trade.

What Is Carpet Removal?

Carpet Removal Sydney specializes in any type of carpet removal. There are several different processes used to lay carpet and this has changed a lot over the years as we have found better methods of laying and removing flooring. The process used on your floor will often depend on how old your house, unit block or commercial building is.

Carpet removal and disposal is a cost that clients often overlook when calculating the total cost of installing new carpet. It is exactly this kind of expense (amongst others) that isn’t included in the typical carpet removal quotes you might find online or special carpet installation prices offered by carpet stores.

The price you’ll pay for professionals to remove your old carpet before they install your new carpet is significant. At Carpet Removal Sydney we will provide it all using the tools necessary for any job and you can expect to pay a very fair rate while always offering a price beat guarantee of up to 30%* on all of our competitor’s quotes.


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Carpet in a non-commercial environment

With timber floors, the carpet is usually laid over an underlay which is normally stapled to the floor, while the carpet is being held down by strips of nails (Known as Smooth Edge to carpet layers).

Sometimes though, old methods may have been used. This is normally only seen in properties that haven’t had their carpet changed for a long period of time, the carpet is staple gunned directly into the timber subfloor using hundreds if not thousands of staples. This old-style method has been mostly phased out as it is extremely hard to remove and can damage the sub-floor.

Carpet in a commercial environment

This type of carpet is usually directly stuck to the concrete slab sometimes with an underlay layer also stuck down with an extremely strong adhesive. Because of this method used to install the carpet, the carpet is expected to be extremely difficult to remove without the proper tools and machinery.

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Carpet laid on concrete floors

Normally this carpet also has underlay underneath it, which is normally glued to the subfloor. Because the underlay, being made of products like rubber and foam, has been there for so long while glued.

It is common to have to scrape the floor for hours which is incredibly difficult due to the strong industrial adhesive used.

Carpet Disposal

We will dispose of your carpet in an organized, legal and environmentally friendly manner. We will always discuss appropriate disposal practices and have it taken care of for our customers.

While your waste company or local recycling centre will have all the specifics, these questions and answers should point you in the right direction about the right practice when it comes to carpet disposal:

Price Beat Guarantee


We Will Beat All Of Our Competitors Quotes By Up To 30%*

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A: While carpet can be thrown out in most areas, due to size and volume you have to call for a special pickup, wait for a Council pickup day or take it to a dump site for disposal.

A: Even if your carpeting is in very good condition, most charitable organizations will refuse it due to potential health risks from mold spores, fleas, pet stains, etc.

A: Both carpet and padding can be recycled, though the processes are different. For this reason, padding and carpeting should be rolled separately.

A: Our team will always attempt to recycle carpet and underlay whenever possible. But depending on the condition of the carpet and underlay sometimes it will have to go to a waste management center.

A: They will always do a flawless job and leave the job site completely cleaned and ready for re-installation. While still always beating all of our competitor’s prices. We will take all carpet to the tip for you so there is no mess when you come home!
We can also re-install new underlay and carpet for you at a cheaper price than all of our competitors.

Carpet Removal (Wet, Moldy, Water Damaged, and Pet Urine Soaked)

Carpet Removal (Wet, Moldy, Water Damaged, and Pet Urine Soaked)

Carpet Removal Sydney also offers a service to remove wet, moldy, water damaged or pet urine soaked carpet from your property.
Allowing you to air out the subfloor before reinstalling new carpet or floorboards. This must be done prior to reinstallation of new flooring.

Our team also specializes in removing all damaged carpets without any damage to your property. We also take everything with us so that you don’t have to deal with any of the nasty mess, smell or fees!

Other companies will also charge you for a skip bin, or outrageously inflated prices to deal with Wet, Moldy, Water damaged or pet urine-soaked carpets.

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Patching, Repairs Of Carpet & Remove Red Wine From Carpet

Our team of experts will be able to patch and repair any carpet related issue we specialize in all types of carpet repairs and carpet stain removals, including the ability to remove red wine from the carpet.

Removing Red Wine From Carpet

Carpet Removal Sydney specializes in removing carpet red wine stains, it is normally best to act as quickly as possible so call us now so we can evaluate the situation and take immediate action to get the best results.

Carpet Holes

These can also be fixed fairly easily by our team of experts.

Carpet Iron Burns

Iron burns can also be repaired depending on how bad the burn is and the size of the burn the affected area may need to be cut out, removed and replaced with another piece of carpet from another location such as a wardrobe, an off-cut or excess carpet from one of the rooms.

Carpet Cigarette Burns

There is no need to replace your carpet because of a few simple cigarette burns that are making the carpet look old and in need to be replaced.

A much more cost-effective way is just to do a few minor cheap repairs to the affected area also saving you thousands of dollars and stress.
Talk to our team today about the possibilities (and guarantee your rental bond return).

Carpet Tears

These can also be fixed fairly easily by our team of experts. Our team is able to repair tears and make the repair unnoticeable.

Carpet Split Seams

Split seams can also be fixed by placing carpet joining tape underneath the carpet to do an invisible join.
We can give you a very cheap quote on this type of repair, call us today, and take advantage of our price beat guarantee.

Carpet Bumps

These can be fixed by our team of experts.
Normally this can be achieved by simply restretching the carpet with a knee stretcher.

We are happy to assist with this type of repair, as our carpet experts are also very experienced with this type of job too!

Carpet Ripples

These can be fixed by restretching the carpet with a power stretcher also with other techniques by our team of experts. We will always provide a very experienced and skilled team for this type of repair, along with the appropriate tools and equipment.

Carpet Re-Stretching

Is another common service we provide. This is usually needed when the carpeting was not installed properly and lifts up off the subfloor. As carpeting ages, it can lose some of its elasticity.

Carpet restretching can be done with a knee stretcher or power stretcher.
It may also help to replace the current/old carpet grippers (also known as smoothedge).

Making sure the carpet is also held tightly so you won’t need continual future repairs.

Children, pets, and excessive traffic can also speed up this process. During the stretching process, we use a special device to exert pressure on the bunched up carpet.

This pushes it to the edges of the room, where our team will cut off the excess carpet and secure it into place.

You may still have light ‘shadowing’ in the area where the bump once was but that will go away with time.

Carpet Patching

is required when the carpet has sustained serious discolouration, burn damage or rips/tears. During patching, the carpet expert will cut out the damaged piece and replace it with a donor piece from another part of the house.

This is usually taken from the closet, where no one is likely to see the removed flooring. It is a good idea to keep a piece of remnant carpet when you get new carpet for repairs such as these.

Carpet Stain Removal

As well as all Carpet Stains, Colored Drink Stains, Chocolate Stains, Blood Stains, Crayons Stains, Ink Stains, Coffee Stains, Pet Stains, Mud Stains, Dirt Stains, Urine Stains, and Pet Urine Stains can be removed by our carpet cleaning specialists.

Carpet Removal Sydney can remove blood from the carpet so don’t stress or replace that new carpet because of a simple accident! We can easily fix it at a low cost!

This is a very important and necessary step so you can air out the subfloor before reinstalling new carpet or floorboards. This must be done prior to reinstallation of new flooring due to moisture being trapped beneath your previous floor covering.

When it comes to wet, moldy, water damaged or pet urine soaked carpet you must have it removed ASAP, due to health risks that it brings to you, your family and your pets. Moldy carpet is also extremely bad for your health.

Molds produce allergens, which are substances that can cause allergic reactions, as well as irritants and, in some cases, potentially toxic substances known as mycotoxins. Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, This is why we always recommend to leave it to the professionals at Carpet Removal Sydney to guarantee to protect the health of your family when the need arises.

Our team of professionals will closely monitor the drying process when we remove blood from carpet to verify your carpet is being restored to original quality and the stained has been removed, we will also closely monitor the subfloor to make sure it is dried properly and thoroughly to ensure no secondary damage is done to any new flooring installed.

Other companies may also charge you for a skip bin, or outrageously inflated prices to deal with Wet, Moldy, Water damaged, Pet urine-soaked carpets or to remove blood from carpet. At Carpet Removal Sydney we will deal with this all for you, and many other small facets of carpet stain or carpet wetness for you, and still offer the cheapest quote.

Carpet Removal Northern Beaches Sydney offers extensive carpet take up and removal at a time that best suits you

Carpet Removal Northern Beaches are always happy to work around your schedule to complete the job in the time frame that you require.

Our fully qualified carpet installation experts are hard working, professional and also some of the best in the trade.

They will always do a spotless job and also leave the site clean and ready for reinstallation or another purpose.

While also still beating all of our competitor’s prices in Australia.

We will take up and dispose of all carpet as well as rubbish at the tip and leave your floor pristine & clean for you so there is no mess when you come home!

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