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Carpet Underlay

What’s underneath your carpet goes a long way towards your overall satisfaction when walking on your freshly installed carpet. The right kind of carpet underlay, or underlay, can make your new floor sound better, feel warmer underfoot, and may even extend the life of your warranty.

When buying carpet, most customers decide on the kind of flooring that they want, and what is underneath it is usually an afterthought, or in some cases an “Uh oh, I didn’t budget for this.” Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research into the different types of underlay available, as it can make a huge difference in the performance of your newly installed carpet.

Carpet Underlay Sydney

Underlayment is a type of cushion layer placed in between the home’s foundation and the new flooring carpet itself. It is very important that you get the right kind of underlayment that’s specific to your chosen type of carpet; too much or too little cushioning can be a problem. Most manufacturers make specific recommendations that are paired with the type of carpet you are choosing because they have spent money testing which underlay will give optimal results. It’s a good idea to listen to these recommendations. Otherwise, you may run into problems down the line with irregular surface or seam failures/open seams, to name a few. The use of good-quality, compatible underlayment is essential to the proper installation of any carpet.

Carpet Underlay Services:

Removing underlay

Firstly, we apply the appropriate technique of Carpet Removal. We will then proceed to the same for the underlay but reserve some of the underlay to wrap the nailed smoothedge in later.

Our professionals will remove the carpet/underlay from the smoothedge along the wall, this is performed carefully not to tear or pull up the smoothedge. This can do considerable damage to the hardwood beneath the smoothedge requiring potentially costly repairs.

Once the carpet and underlay have been removed, our experts proceed to carefully lever up the smoothedge from the hardwood in strips as long as possible. Finally, using our tools we will clean up the floors from any debris and double-check for any missed nails and/or staples. Removing underlay is a fairly simple but time-consuming process. We will always offer a professional and reliable service, yet very affordable.

We are happy to provide underlay removal and disposal at a cheap cost. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Selling underlay

Re-use of old carpet underlay is generally not recommended; it may look fine at first but could fail during the lifetime of the carpet, rendering any guarantee on the carpet as invalid. But, there are many other businesses that eventually buy used underlay. We will be able to instruct you.

Installing underlay

Firstly, make sure you purchase the correct amount of carpet underlay and be aware that unlike purchasing carpet, where you buy to the nearest width to fit your room, underlay can be purchased to a net amount. So if, for example, your rooms total 50 square metres but you are having to buy 54 square metres of carpet to comply with the widths available, you still only need 50 square metres of underlay. No point in buying a product simply to throw it away. We will be sure to lay the underlay the correct way. And we can assist you with your underlay purchase!

Smooth Edge

Is a carpet edging strip that holds the carpet down and provides the perfect edge when laying a carpet. Use must be individually indicated when installing carpet on to different types of floors.

Smooth Edge Services:

Removing Smooth Edge

We also provide our customers with the most efficient method to remove carpet smoothedge from all types of subfloors, with the right tools and a highly skilled team. Plus, our method won’t damage the hardwood!

Installing Smooth edge

We will always provide carpet edging installation that holds down carpet and provides a perfect edge when laying carpet. We will always use the appropriate type of smooth edge when installing carpet on to any type of floors.


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